Cryptobrewmaster: Starter level economics needs some tuning.

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Lost money working the Hops farm and Brewery process.

This week I decided to take my Cryptobrewmaster gaming to the next level and test out another of their resource farms.

I had saved up 33 CBM and a couple of beers, along with a stack of water to attempt to make the best of a one day rental of the Hops farm.

You can find my Hops Farm article here.

After farming each Local Bittering Hops or Local Aroma Hops you can return the Farm to 100% Efficiency. It cost 1.95 CBM and 1.65 CBM respectively.

In the 24 hour day I was able to produce 6 Local Bittering Hops and 5 Local Aroma Hops. Each takes 3 energy, 1 water and 110 minutes and 130 minutes wait/growing time.
Rental fee: 15 CBM/day producing 11 = 1.36 CBM per hops.

Hops FarmRental FeeRestore feecostenergy
Local Bittering hops1.361.953.313
Local Aroma hops1.361.653.013
Total per beer6.326

Water tower rental fee: 10 CBM/day producing 17 = .59 CBM per water.

Water towerRental FeeRestore feecostenergy
Total per beer4.164

The Malt House has similar cost with rent of 17.7 and each malt uses one grain and one water. @irisworld wrote up an article on the Malt House.

European Lagercost
Graindaily Quest
Maltdaily Quest
Local Bittering Hops3.31
Local Aroma Hops3.01
My CBM per beer7.36

Producing the beer gives an 85% chance of a neutral quality beer being produced.

A neutral European Lager sells to the pub for 4.65 CBM.



7.36 - 4.65 = 2.71 CBM loss per beer.

I lost 2.71 CBM per beer produced during my day of renting the Hops Farm and Water Tower.

I grew enough Hops to produce 4 beers. The production cost me 17(water tower)+11(Hops Farm) = 28 energy and 4 * 2.71 = 10.84 CMB loss.

This exercise has probably set me back 2 weeks of daily quest savings.

I am hoping that at higher levels in the game the usage of upgraded tools make brewing beer profitable.

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If you sell beer in the market instead of a bar, you can earn more

Thanks for the info. I still haven't bought my passport for the game yet. This limits what options I have available. Does the market have decent liquidity? Meaning does several of the lowest priced items in most categories trade each day?

Well, I guess, yes. You should check the market frequently. I don't sell my ingredients every day, but when I list them on the market, they usually go away pretty fast

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