CryptoBrewMaster Giveaway #2

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Hello again my fellow brew masters! Today I bring you another giveaway but today's is going to be much more special then the norm!

To qualify you need to be able to do one of 2 things:

1.) Reply with a SS of your game screen that includes your username and a balance of 150+ CBM

2.) Reply with a SS of sales or purchase history in marketplace that has purchases or sales prior to Dec. 2nd

Whats the point? The qualification Im looking to require is proof that your a active community member of the game and not just joining a giveaway to sell to the people Im trying to give the items to in order to help them advance.

The # of winners today will depend on the number of entries:

1-9: 1 winner
10-19: 2 winners
20-29: 3 winners
30-39: 4 winners
40+: 5 winners

Below is a series of screenshots to help you navigate to your sales/purchase history if your unsure.

Click market building:

Click/tap any of the 3 people

Click/tap "My Trades":

Take screen shot showing pirchase/sell history prior to todays date Dec. 2nd


The entry period begins now and ends Monday Dec. 6th at 23:00 UTC

Each winner will be awarded with 5x influence cards. Each influence card gives you the ability to sell 1 beer to the pub/tavern each week by clicking on the cash register in the pub.


Good Luck and as always, voting is not required to participate in the giveaway, but always appreciated!

May you have a long and successful brewing dynasty!


Thanks for organizing this giveaway! Here's my entry :D Haven't sold anything for a long time since I'm short on ingredients... Not sure if that counts but good luck to everyone participating!


Congrats, another easy random drawing for me lol! It don't seem like influence cards are NFT's since they don't appear in my wallet in game but thats ok just give me your ash wallet address and I will send you 50 ash and you can buy your own 5 influence cards from the shop and get reward points also.

No worries. And thanks for this! I wish more people joined the giveaways too haha. Will reach out via DMs!

sounds good just hit me up on discord, skimanner#8631

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