eXode: I opened 2 Elite Ayumis lets go......

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Hello Community

Lets go. I opened 2 Elite Ayumis today!



and got me several Awesome Syndicate Geisha


By the way the above is mass contract opening. saves time.

Do you want to check the game out. Here is my referral code.


Hope that you enjoyed go through the post.
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I came to this post thanks to a search on some of our syndicate cards.

I have to say:
Wow, two Elite Epics !

The only two Elite Ayumi present on market are listed at 295 USD and are still owned by Kobusu! The last Elite Ayumi which was sold was purchased at 175 USD, a price going up from before, especially for a contract card.


Thanks captain commander for dropping by, lets take eXode to the moooooooooon. Hyperdrive speed

I don't know much about this game but I'm going to do some research.

Congrats on your pack openings. will check this game as well.
Have some !PIZZA


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Luck and congrats, I see you un your next post.