Blue Hour with a Pinch of Green Magic

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Do you wonder why did I call my entry to the latest photo contest by @qurator "Blue Hour with a Pinch of Green Magic"? In case you do, I suppose my photos today will give you a clue! :D

I love and I am grateful when I have the chance to be outside with my camera during these two special parts of the day - about an hour before the sunrise and about an hour after the sunset. It is amazing to watch how the light temperature goes from cold to warm and vice verse, correspondingly. Well, to be completely honest, I like the sunsets, the evening part much more for two main reasons:

  • The sunsets are always longer and give more time to create more photos and other visuals
  • I don't like getting very early in the morning (it even has to be before dawn if you want to avoid wasting your time and catch the best moment)

The day I made these photos below is the one I received two priceless gifts. First, I didn't lost my life, yes, I was very close to, lesson learnt, end of story. Second, I was given the present to see Aurora Borealis for the second time. This was absolutely unexpected and came to me as a huge surprise as it happened at the end of August on out photo travel around Iceland. Trust me on that, August isn't a common month for having Northern Lights!

At that evening, I made several photos of the famous Hvitserkur rock in the ocean and I was slowly driving on an endless black gravel road when I saw IT !!!

I stopped the car in an instant, we jumped with our cameras and tripods and made few shots but there was still too much light from the Blue Hour. So, not the typical Aurora Borealis photographs you will see with the stars and the black night sky ;)

Now it seems to me these photos are perfect for the "@Qurator's Photo Quest | Blue Hour", isn't it ;)


All photos are in chronological order ;) Of course, as per the rules, the first one is my entry, thanks a lot :) In case you're interested in the tech side of the first photo, check out the EXIF below.







Here is the promised EXIF of the first photo:

File NameDDH_9842.jpg
Camera Model NameCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Shutter Speed1.6
Metering ModeMulti-segment
Exposure Compensation0
LensEF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
Focal Length16.0 mm
Image Size1920x1280
FlashOff, Did not fire
White BalanceAuto
Color SpacesRGB
File Size2.2 MB
Serial Number203020003615

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