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Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 21

ok I will follow the rules from now on. I'm sorry. I'd appreciate it if you could cancel the downvote

I bet you would but why would I remove the downvote?

I've asked you nicely, twice in the past to read the guidelines and stop abusing the tag. You couldn't care less. Here you are posting shit in Leofinance again.

Downvoted as you don't deserve the tokens.

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okay. I'm sorry. It won't happen next time, I promise.

Just for warning may not want to use oneup as well. You can go to a lot of those groups front end to see if the content you are creating adheres to what their community is about. If not you may just be stunting your own personal growth, so just some food for thought.

Yeah each of those women are beautiful in their own ways.

All right. I will follow the rules in the future


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This has nothing to do with leo or oneup


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@erikah he downvoted me from 3 accounts on all posts because of that. Lol

Lol, this is hilarious! Their stake worth shit, so no worries. The good thing is now we know his or her alt. I'm going to have a look later and see if we can do something to help them :)

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You don't need to look into(to save your time), here are the names:

@hive-174581 @choism @hakeke

You will also see these upvote each others all posts and reblog of each others post. Looks like alts to me.

I deleted it. sorry. I will follow the rules from now on