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You are just pick women and make hive from them.
Not even setting them to get hive from.this post.


You bastard, take care of your life

Holy shit, do you have a small dick brother?? :P

You go apeshit over 1 downvote haha, so cute xD

븅신아 재밌냐? 니 면상 좀 보고싶다. 찐따새키야 밥은 먹고 다니냐

븅신아 재밌냐? 니 면상 좀 보고싶다. 찐따새키야 밥은 먹고 다니냐

Translated: Are you having fun? I want to see your face Dude, do you eat rice?.
I do eat Rice, why? xD

Also, hvorfor tror du det giver mere mening at svine mig til på dit eget sprog. Altså, hvad får du ud af det? xD

I lost. you won do it your way you are stronger than me I don't have as much power as you. you are king

What are you on about haha xD

I simply don't think its okay for you to promo someones post or pictures and not giving them a fair share.

Make nothing and you earn from it, its shit.

You have a lot of Hive Coins. Do a Noblesse Oblige and hand out some coins for other hiveusers.