How to Make Mayonnaise with Bacon Fat: A Tasty Sauce for an Open-Faced Sandwich

I have for a very long time wanted to make mayonnaise from rendered bacon fat. Well, last week I made some smash burgers with a homemade mince of about 40% fat (to meat ratio). In this mince, I put loads of bacon and all of the fat. (I will write the recipe soonish!) In any case, whilst making these smash burgers, pure fat rendered out and I seized the opportunity to make some bacon (smash burger) fat mayonnaise. It is tricky to make mayonnaise from a fat source that is solid at room temperature. Maybe this is closer to a hollandaise. In either case, this is an awesome tasting sauce for an open-faced sandwich with some leftover meat! Please see below in the images the method of how I make the sauce (because mayonnaise is a sauce!) for this tasty lunch.



For the mayo you will need:

For the Sandwich:

(Bacon fat)

(Rendered beef fat)




Method: Making Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is simply the emulsifying of egg and oil/fat. In my method, I mix the egg and mustard together. Also, I add some pickled onion juice. I then slowly add the warmed-up liquid fat. THIS IS CRITICAL, keep the bowl you are making the sauce in over another bowl with boiled water in. In the image you see below, the fat started to solidify again and it looks like it "curdled". This is similar to a hollandaise sauce, so keep it warm (I forgot the step and had a fright! But when I warmed up the bowl from underneath, the mayo resembled mayo again.)




(At this stage, you can adjust the consistency. I might have added a bit too much additional oil, so it was a bit too runny for mayo, but it was a very tasty sauce!)

Build your Sandwich

Building the sandwich is always fun. I start by toasting the bread with a layer of the mayo we just made. It gets nice and crispy, with a hint of sweetness and a hint of mustard, and a hint of bacon flavor.

I then add some of the shredded meat. You can use any type of meat. You can also use bacon! Anything would be tasty with this sauce and sourdough bread.

I then also add some pickled onions. These onions were pickled with some normal vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, and salt and pepper. It stood on the counter for three days (as I made them for Friday night smash burgers! But they were even better today after they sat on the counter for a while.)

Lastly, I top the sandwich with a generous helping of the mayonnaise-sauce we just made. The pairing of mustard, creamy, tangy and savory is just beyond this world.






Give this method and recipe a try! It takes some technique, and trials and errors, but once you get the hang of it it will come naturally! It opens vast plains of flavor combinations that most gourmet places will not even have! Experiment, and let your taste buds guide you. Making nice food for yourself is so rewarding. Let me know in the comment section if you have ever made your own sauces from scratch!



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That sandwich looks exactly like something that I could do with now... 😋 yummmmsss...

Thank you @ackhoo! Wish I could share this with you! Hopefully, in the sci-fi future, we can share actual food over the internet!

Oohhhhh, that would be a dream come true.... :) For now, it will be the thought that counts....
Thank you! :)

True! Let us hope.

I vote yes on this proposal! lol

Yes! Hahah, let us hope it will be here soon.

dude just the thought of it makes me drool, let alone your pictures!
So thankful to be flexitarian ahahaha. Bon appetit!

I saw some mushrooms you can grill over the fire that mimics meat, so there are vegetarian options as well! I made the most awesome aioli today, which is 100% vegan and healthy! It is only olive oil and garlic. Ingredients won't hold me back from making an awesome sandwich haha!

that sounds awesome. i think i will have to try both the bacon and the mushroom one ;)

I think you inspired me to make the mushroom one! I am baking some fresh bread over the weekend (I hope) so lunch will be mushroom and garlic aioli!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Yum! Looks delicious. I like the idea of the pickled onions. Will have to try it.

Thank you for the comment! Pickled onions make everything better. I use the method and recipe of Ethan on YouTube. See his video here. I hope this is helpful!

Most welcome @fermentedphil and thanks..I will check out the video.

I really like some of the recipes that Ethan gives. I hope all goes well! Stay safe.

well this looks absolutely divine!!! and what an interesting way to infuse bacony flavor into mayo! hehehehehe mannnn that sounds good and I'm totally gonna try this!!!!! hehehehehe gosh that beef looks just to die for too - all fork tender and yummy.

i should not have read this right now hahahahaha i'm all of the sudden starving LOL

Sorry for making you so hungry! But I take it as a massive compliment so thank you haha! Yes please do try, and tell me what you think! I hope for all the success if you try it haha.

i really will!!! hehehehe

i have eaten at specialty burger places where they make a bacon ketchup!

and you know what - now that i think about it - it was a little grainy. and now i know why
because as you said - the bacon fat will solidify. and their ketchup was chilled!!!
they would have been much smarter and with a nicer flavor if they had warmed it a bit like yours!

good to know !!! hehehehehe

@dreemsteem there you go! A little food science. I really almost threw away that sauce when it looked like that. Luckily my brain kicked in and I remembered it is more like a hollandaise than a mayo. I normally make a lasagna sauce with bacon fat. So its basically a tomato sauce with bacon fat!

i see.

so you're trying to make me hungry AGAIN today.

bacon lasagna?!?!?!

why not just say heavenly heaven???? LOLOLOL

Food is life my friend! And being busy in the kitchen (and having worked in professional kitchens) I have garnered some skills over the years! I probably need to open a restaurant or food truck so that I can share all these food creations! What do you think @dreemsteem?


my husband is also a chef and wants to open a food truck in the worst way!!!! hehehehehe

and i do love food too - it is my favorite addiction hehehehee

that sandwich would be the star of your food truck though. I would be there everyday. I would be there so much you would start to call it the Dreem Sandwich in honor of how much money I've spent on it for you hahahahahahahahahaha

but yes - would you really do a food truck????

i think its a better option that a restaurant. one of our favorite restaurants switched over to a food truck and never looked back. they made money hand over fist compared to the hassle of the restaurant!

you should TOTALLY do it and then document it here!!! i would be loving the journey - and i would make it a point to come visit you!!! heheheheh

have you ever seen Food Truck Road Trip? the show?? my daugher and i used to LOVE that show

and have you seen the movie Chef??? if not - you HAVE to hahaha you will love it!!!!

was there another one i'm thikning of???? i can't remember. but - if i do - i'll send it to you

If you can think of them please share! I still need to watch both of them, although I have seen snippets of them.

I am in a weird space in my life! I am currently doing my Ph.D. or trying to get my research proposal approved. So, on the one hand, I am a researcher and lecturer (and new therapist as this is where my research happens) and, on the other hand, I am a chef/baker that has experience in kitchens, and have run a successful bakery from home for a couple of years now.

So if the research proposal fails, I will open up a food truck for sure, because leasing/renting a space is too expensive! So, all I can say is: keep an eye on this space haha.