Fan Art that I created for Splinterlands some time ago - Rubicks Cube Chaos Dragon

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This is a video of a Fan Art that I created for Splinterlands - Rubicks Cube Chaos Dragon some time ago.
Now that I have a 3speak account, I am planning to post all my art videos here.

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That's a cool artwork from SPL bro. Amazing!

is splinterlands any fun? Can you earn enough good cards/tokens to purchase cards to stay competitive?

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I will appreciate if you will use my refferal:

Splinterlands contains alot of types of people like we have in this world. Some just do daily quest, some competitive in leagued and some play as guilds while others win tournaments. Even a non gamer can be interested in splinterlands.

I personally invested some $ in start and then I rent cards and buy more cards with rental income. I treat my cards similar to rental property investment. U can add $ in liquidity pools and earn from it too. It's up to u what u wanna be but explore you will find something of your interest. Splinterlands is definitely not a think to miss out. Join splinterlands and see for your self. :)

This is not a financial advise. DYOR

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