Splinterlands Quest Giveaway (Win Free Card) - Round #866

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Hello Splinterpeeps!

Welcome to the 866th round of Splinterlands giveaway! Another 5 cards to choose your favorite one! Almost all Splinters are present, so you will find one that you need!

The idea of giveaway is that I would like to give every day for free (or every second day, depends of my free time for playing the game and getting rewards) one of my daily quests reward cards! You just have to pick up which one do you like most!

Lucky winner will receive 1 Splinterlands card by his choice!!!

Today's options to choose:


Rules for Splinterlands quest giveaway:

1. Comment on this post what card (only card!) do you want from offered ones
2. Put your Splinterlands username in the comment (if it is not the same as here).
::. You can also tag your friends in comments to invite them to join the giveaway .::
3. Play fair and don't enter multiple comments with the same game username... All winners are checked before rewarding...

NO Upvote, NO Follow and NO Reblog required!!! But appreciated if done.

The winner will be chosen by random comment picker (filoz.info/picker) and he/she will receive chosen card.

The game will last minimum 23-24 hours, or until this posts has minimum 5 valid comments (except bots, spam comments etc).

Results of Splinterlands quest giveaway No: 865


The card goes to –------ >>> @failingforward


For non-winners, I hope you have a better luck in this round of #splinterlands giveaway!


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Thanks for the giveaway!
Venari Crystalsmith

Venari Crystalsmith
IGN @spryquasar
Thank you for the opportunity!

Venari Crystalsmith please

Venari seedsmith please

Venari Seedsmith

I choose VenariCrystalsmith

Thank you in advance 🥰

ign: ampee

ign : @keyes
Thx for the giveaway !

Venari seedsmith @yeckingo1

Venari plz

Venari Crystalsmith please


Venari Seedsmith please! ty. @silentwill

Venari Crystalsmith

Venari crustalsmith ^^

Nor to be greedy but veneriy seedsmith

Venari Seedsmith please. Thank you for this!

Venari Crystalsmith @duonglata

Venari Crystalsmith @phivananh

Venari seedsmith >< @cursephantom

Venari Crystalsmith please!!!

venari heatsmith @reiell1

ven. seedsmith ftw! @dusi, cheers :)

Venari Crystalsmith

Venari Seedsmith would be great 😀 @davidcrosscr

Venari Crystalsmith


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Venari seedsmith!

Thanks for the giveaway.

Venary crystalsmith
Ign luckyshot1

I would like to win the Venari Crystalsmith.


Venari Seedsmith. Thanks.

Venari Crystalsmith please

Venari Crystalsmith please @half-fast

Crystalsmith please

Venari Crystalsmith

Venari Seedsmith please

Hi, Venari seedsmith please

Venari Crystalsmith

Venari Crystalsmith =)

ign: @mozzie5

Thanks for the giveaway! I'll like the Venari Crystalsmith!
IGN: @luizeba

Venari Crystalsmith please
My Splinterlands username is monster.free

Venari Crystalsmith please @guurry123

Venari Crystalsmith please @gurseerat

venari heatsmith please

Venari Seedsmith please :)

Venari crystal Smith please

Venari Seedsmith! @jakkal

Venari Crystalsmith


Venari Crystalsmith plz

Venari Seedsmith

Gargoya Lion
SPL oadissin

Thanks for doing these giveaways!
Venari Seedsmith would be awesome
ign: @blueleader03

Venari Crystalsmith please, and congrats to today's winner.

Venari Seedsmith, please
@lesliekitchener in game nick

Venari Seedsmith


Venari Crystalsmith

Venari Crystalsmith please ! @neuropathy8778

@khaym Venari Crystalsmith, good luck guys

Venari seedsmith ! @amaillo-m

Venari seedsmith @jmehta

I choose you!

Venari Seedsmith @darrenleesl

Thank you for the giveaway!
Venari Heatsmith

Venari Crystalsmith. Thanks for the giveaway


venari crystalsmith @jdike

Venari Crystalsmith please!
GL everyone!

Venari Crystalsmith please <3
Game name: @opuntia

Sol, @nefertiti-br comment here also!

hii, venari seedsmith for @dusi, cheers!

I’ll try for the Venari Seedsmith

Venari Seedsmith please

Venari Seedsmith.
IGN: @momon15

You have won the card in this round, @momon10! I have sent it to @momon15 account! Congratulations!


Thanks for participating and supporting the giveaway!

@kursen thanks

Venari Crystalsmith is such a cool card! :)


venari seedsmith please

Venari Crystalsmith please.

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Venary crystalsmith! @nuzomoj1 ❤️

Thanks for this giveaway! @jaybnvds venari crystalsmith!

Defined the crsytalsmith🥺 @jnzm1

Crystalsmith!! @gustavo09

Venari Crystalsmith ty so much!
ign: @helicopter-d

Venari crystalsmith pls

congrats @failingforward!

hope i win the next one. heatsmith for me please!

ign: happypechay

Good stuff! Venari Crystalsmith ftw!
IGN: cloudgendary

Venari Crystalsmith please, my ign is @dangerkill

Woot thanks!! I'll be greedy and go ventait seedsmith

Venari Seedsmith , thank you @nardsgaming

Venari crystalsmith pls
Ign: lokiroki

Venari Crystalsmith please

Venari Heatsmith!

IGN @rorybadory

Venari Seedsmith for me please @extraeliel

Venari Seedsmith

Venari Seedsmith

Venari Crystalsmith please. @squishna

pelican receiver please
ign: thedasun

Venari Crystalsmith

This round is finished! If you want to participate, please visit the new one at: https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-round-867

Venari Seedsmith please

Venari Crystalsmith please

Venari seedsmith please
Thank you

VENARI CRYSTALSMITH, thank you @aeonman

I want the Venari Crystalsmith =D