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The Life team is strong. But I don't use them as much due to my little story at the start. I am glad that I have the good Untamed cards because soon I will have a strong life team in the Chaos set if all goes right. In this one, I break down the cards and the 3 major teams' ideas that work well with the Life team. I didn't have a lot of battles of my own to share but I was able to share a few at the end. No giveaway on this one but the last one can still be entered on Hive.

If you checked this out hope you liked it. It is fun making this series and helping as the game is growing. Also good luck as the season is coming to an end.

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Thanks Steve! Awesome video, will surely apply those next season.

Thanks again Steve. This is very helpful as i am not as well versed in life decks compared to other splinters.

Hey Steve,thanks for creating your guides. Great help, thanks :)

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Thanks again @stever82 ! This guide's a great help! Also, great content, as always!

Thanks Steve! Need to adjust my Life splinter.

Dude, being a life main, I learned alot from your tutorial. I main a sneak strat, but I see where the armor builds can help me breach latter teirs of silver.


Thanks for this. Keep it up. This is a great series.