#2 Twitter Tuesday Promo Event

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Good morning everyone! Have a great Tuesday at the brewery!

Today we would like to announce Tuesday Twitter event with
⚡️3 micro (0.99$) packs as a reward ⚡️

1 - You need to :heart: + RT + Comment your twitter friend

2 - Subscribe CryptoBeer chanel @ Youtube

3 - Leave an emoji under this post)

The links

CBM Welcome Link 🎯CBM Game Discord 🖥International TG chat 📲
Join the partyJoin the communityJoin Telegram
CBM Twitter 🦅CBM Reddit 🤖C24: Exchange Hive \ CBM 💱
followstalk usat a better price

🔥 VOTE @cryptobrewmaster Witness - VOTE @cryptobrewmaster Witness- VOTE @cryptobrewmaster Witness 🔥


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Go :P🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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Yesterday's Twitter Tuesday giveaway results
Micropacks heading to

@Joseph1956 @tcpaikano (won via Hive) and @alberto0607

Please gimme your 0.99 packs memo into the PM!

Thanks for participating and see you next Tuesday!



thank you

u sure it's right?



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@tcpaikano 😉 thanks!

Let me check out this game. I remember starting and then stopped after a while. Can't even remember why I lost interest tbh

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It has many new things and more are coming

@belemo 👍there's a possibility to get some boost during the #twittertuesday 👍

Right on!


Great! I get on time! Also shared to twitter via dbuzz!

Great initiative to promote! @hiro-hive

@cre47iv3 good luck!