First NFT Agency X CryptoBrewMaster cooperation

in Hive Gaming3 months ago


We are pleased to announce the start of cooperation with First NFT Agency!

As part of this cooperation, P2E projects from C24, among which CryptoBrewMaster and Ocean Planet receive new marketing opportunities + new collaborations with funds and blockchain companies, some of which will be disclosed in the near future

The CryptoBrewMaster team is working on updating the roadmap and, with the participation of the First NFT Agency, is developing visions for the transformation of an existing project from Play 2 Earn to Metaverse Play 2 Earn

Thus, the creation of its own pub-party metaverse becomes a priority task for CryptoBrewMaster for 2022.

We will discuss the details in a future stream, scheduled stream will be in RU language


A seguir creciendo, CryptoBrewMaster to te Moooon

I've always felt a bit iffy when it came to investing in CryptoBrewMasters but all in all I hope your project succeeds.