Great a lego is a little animation me and my son did!

in LEGOlast year

Hey great to see a lego group here, I was looking for one. As a family we love lego and we might post about it my partner has just joined @watt.the.watt

Anyways we love making animation and did this film a few years ago and the music is by us...Stick Up Boys who you can check out here

but my son has this for his you tube channel so we gave him the song!

We hope you like it and he would appreciate any comments I am sure.

Look forward to talking lego, especially minifigures as we have quite a collection...

Big up the creatives

Stick Up Boys


This is really cool! I've never done any animations as I generally just build Lego Technic but I'll get to it one day I guess. Thanks for using the Lego community.

I came to Hive to promote music we do...but you have no idea how nuts my family is about lego! Thanks for having us here!
nice to meet you gif.gif

Lol...Nice to meet you too. I'm looking forward to seeing some Lego stuff. I'll be honest, I've been neglecting a Technic build I have in play at the moment...I should get on it and get it done. You might just have inspired me.

Do it! We just built the AT 8080 set twice but it keeps falling apart.... we been set buying during endless lockdown to keep us amused! Although the fam like building sets more than me...i love the minifigs...probably got the biggest minifig collection in Brighton!

You know, I went for so many years without having any minifigs but I rectified that malfunction. I'm doing the Volvo hauler at the moment. Slow going but I'll get there...So many other things take my focus, but it'll happen eventually. Sounds like you're Lego legends!

I might do some minifigure blogs.....

Do it. I curate for OCD and CURANGEL so can help with some post rewards now and then.

Oh nice, I tend to do lots with my son so he might do it with me!