Image without source: A need for help solve this problem

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Good day house and happy Sunday to us all,
I know that the platform is getting bigger by the day in terms of quantity. People tends to bring their friends on board, but in terms of quality, the platform is not getting any close to it's expected goal. For the fact that people get votes, then reward of all such doesn't mean that all is well.
To make my epistle abridged, I think a training or something close should be introduced to help potential members and few of the new members to understand some rudiments.
My main example is the image thing. Many of us don't know how to add the source of the images encrypted on the write up. Many people just load images from their phone or laptop straight just because they are not aware of this source something.
My suggestion is that whenever you find a post without source of the image, do not just down vote or give a treat comment. Simply ask the person if you can assist on how to inscribe the source of the image.
I think this will go a long way to solve the problem of images without source, then we move on.
I am a victim of such. I have stop dropping my write up because of the fear of being sanctioned for not inputting the sources of my images. All I do is to drop comments on others writing. I have my own personal opinion I have about somethings.

I want the people at the back end to help my and my fellow naive ones to proffer lasting solution.

Thank you

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Hello @adepounds! I'm happy with your sincerity and decision to write this, a lot of people prefer to just ignore the fact or continue posting uncredited content.
If they haven't explained it to you yet, here's a simple summary:

Images can be taken from any source (PROVIDED YOU CITE THEM BELOW), or they can be taken from free image sites such as Pixabay.
But still, it is necessary to credit, as follows:

copy the direct link from the image ---> paste in the text ---> use the command [ and ] to write "source" for example, and followed by ( and ) where the link will be. This command makes a "hyperlink" as I did there in the 'pixabay'.

If this got confusing, I suggest you read posts like this one, for example that will help with the formatting.

But your suggestion about DV is very pertinent, I even ask @scholaris to take a look here. We need to think of a fixed post for everyone to know how to avoid plagiarism and also DownVotes.

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I really appreciate you for this piece of information. I will go through it to get familiarize with the usage. If I have any challenge, I will contact you directly.
I am happy you gave me a way. Others will also learn

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Thanks you very much for making this informative post, I was in the same shoe as @vmozy and about asking the same question.

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Thanks a lot for your observation.

Obviously this has been the problem i notice in some people. Some will just downvote without knowing if someone understand how to put image source.

I am also a victim of this. When i just got into the community i posted an article and instantly someone down vote telling me he did that just because i didnt put the image source which i think this is bad.

Honestly for the sake of people that are just coming to the community proper orientation need to be given to them to avoid this issue.

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Thank you for also speaking up.

Everyone that has been a victim of down voting now have a way to get better. Follow the step give by thomashnblum.
If anyone has issue. Kindly contact him

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Happy Sunday to you too, Adapound very nice observations and suggestions you have raise there .
On how to improve the qualities of post in the community.

In addition to your suggestions above i will like to add that the issue of adding image source should be state and spell out on the rules and regulations guiding the community.
So that any new bee coming in will know it's very important to add image source.

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@funshee wow I really love your contribution on this issue one of the Likely things that kill a lot of people is inability to talk to people when you have a problem you should always like sharing it with people because you might not know where the solution will come from

One of the most important thing is that you might not know where your help will come from the place that you never expect your help can come from there that reminds me of a short story I would like to share with you which I know you will benefit from it

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In the period of the contest some of the contestants doesn't see this man as one of the reasonable person that can really help in this situation some bypass my son recommending some even love him as well due to the wisdom and the understanding they have in the process of doing this year has been noticing every one of them and each of their attitude and the way they will behave

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At the end of the scenario everything was fine and when the contest was over it was since that the woman that love the gate man was the one that was chosen which is a very great and wonderful things you can see that no one is above help

The truth of the matter is that even someone that is lower than your age can also help you out no matter how tough and how quick are the situation is always learn how to humble yourself because your health can come from any place that you never expect

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Thank you
I hope the assistance will come swiftly to combat these issues.

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Happy Sunday house. Thanks for this information I've been a victim of this also, I would like to know how to add image source whenever I post. I would like my request to be taken seriously because I don't want to be voted down again for posting an image and not knowing but I have to post the image source.

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We will receive help soon I believe

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...also not really a #leofinance topic...

If people are picky around here it is because we have to take care of our blockchain ourselves; a bit of good ol' 'policing' is part of that. Like me pointing out that you use the wrong tag: I am contributing to leofinance staying finance related.

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I did raise a topic rather seeking assistance for myself and every other user on how we can be better. I don't want to be sanctioned. I just want to use the community in a most positive way by following all rules. This is actually a call for help

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The expectation is that you source images you get from another source as well as information you do not create yourself.

It’s a learning process that should be explained better.

It is also extremely difficult to figure out who is truly new to the platform. So a post like yours is pretty important.

There are a lot of tribes centered on helping new arrivals that you can use to learn. Also, there are helpful links that can aid you in improving your experience here.

I’ll add some today that I feel will help.

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Why don't you just write the source under the picture?

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Interesting observation. I also believe the proof of brain needs to do a whole lot more in helping newbies has I see many suffering downvotes by the spaminator due to their lack of understanding of how certain things ought to work.

Many users seem to have quited this platform because of issues like this. It is unwelcoming looking at it from the perspective of someone who is just joining in. This is a like a negative feedback that can put many people off.

I hope this issues get addressed by the platform by adding what other tribes platform do like leofinance by adding a guide to assist new users get the concept of how things work so they don't fall into such situations

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