Balance must be part of the journey of life "

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It is necessary to maintain balance in everything, and the life that demands this constantly, since it is not healthy to sacrifice the present, it is real ... it is exactly this present that we are living that can guarantee a more peaceful future, it is in it that we will plant and in the future we will harvest.


Waking up early, working, walking the weekend, giving attention to the family, having a balanced and healthy diet, practicing physical exercise, studying, maintaining healthy habits, in short ... These are things considered difficult for most people in general, but they are rewarding, life demands a certain balance from each of us.

It is certain that there are things that can be achieved if you make some kind of sacrifice, doing something that causes us discomfort, even if it hurts makes us grow, but the fact is that we cannot always forget to keep our balance.

Build your future while maintaining balance, if you don't build your own future who will build it for you? Nobody wants to leave the comfort of the good life, but do it without even wanting to, because tomorrow it will be worth all the suffering experienced today.

Do not conduct anything in your life if you need to sacrifice your health, your family ... balance is the secret, and it reflects in all sectors of our life.

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Many people forget this important point that you touched.

Do not sacrifice our health, much less the family, these are the 2 most important things in our lives.

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Yes, the family is the base ... and without health we can do nothing!

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