Be a person of action!

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Do you have many ideas and plans? But nothing goes forward? So know that you are a person who waits for things to happen around you to react. But this has a big problem, the probability that nothing will happen around you is gigantic, so you will never put the plans into action.


I could tell you to act instead of waiting, but you probably have no idea what to do. So how about doing something different every day? Changing the path you pass every day, learning to play a musical instrument, talking to different people ... This increases the number of possibilities for something to happen around you and in your mind.

Snowball effect.

Every action you put in energy and dedication, a snowball will come that will grow over time. This is only valid if you improve every day, if you let the brain work on automatic, then the snowball will not happen.

So the main tip is: Don't think, just start what you want to do. If you hope to convince your conscious side, you will lose the fight. During the real ‘battle’ you’ll learn a lot more than listening to tips from others.

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