Bring to memory everything that gives you hope "

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We are always under construction and if there is something very complex and difficult to understand it is the human being, because we are always under construction so we must always adapt to changes.


We easily remember the negative things that happen to us, the sad moments, the frames of life, the failure, the constraints, the obstacles that had to be faced, but we do not give due importance to the positive moments that we live. We complain about everything and everyone, but we do not value what is good for us and what we need to remember.

Focus more on the negative side of things, we are overwhelmed with bad memories, we are always in need of something, but we never remember to thank for what we already have, we make a lot of mistakes when we are unable to align life, we are limited by the memory problem.

We forget things very easily, we tend to forget everything that is good, but we remember everything bad, we do not remember those who have already done us a kindness, then we remember those who stepped on our feet, when remembering the past, only memories come bad.

Negative feelings mark our past, we have problems with positive memories, nobody celebrates something that went right forever, but remembers what went wrong for the rest of their lives, we remove everything that is negative, but what is positive does not become applause.

Our life is in constant construction, so it is always necessary to remember what gives us hope to continue to fight for our dreams, if it is necessary to start again. May we then be able to weaken our negative memory and thus strengthen positive memories and make them intense.

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You're right, the human mind is fond of forgetting the good stuff and focusing on the negatives, we need to put conscious effort into making ourselves think about the good enough times, its really important.

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Exactly, in what we focus on, we will live exactly that ... so it is good to see what we are focused on in life and nurture positivity.

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