Do not allow anxiety to take away your peace from living in the moment.

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What we feed in our mind is what will make us grow and evolve or what will take away our peace and paralyze us immediately. We have two sides, one being the opposite of the other, the positive side that overflows with love, happiness, prosperity, joy, enthusiasm, this makes us feel good and helps us grow as a person, the negative side, this however is what hinders our life in its entirety, and it contains fear, envy, anxiety, insecurity ... and so on.


Indeed ... what we will feed our mind is our choice, and what you will feed is what will grow strong and become resilient within you, if you feed only the negative side within you ... then you will suffer the consequences of this, that is, the most nourished side will stand out in everything in your life.

An evil of the last times that we are living is due to anxiety, when you decide to focus only on it, the more it will grow and become a stone in your life. It's no use you want to run away from anything because everything in life is a matter of choice that we constantly make, so the good or bad is a matter of focus that we are giving.

The decision of which side we are going to feed is ours, but we must remember that what we are going to feed will become strong and if it is to feed the bad side it will completely overshadow its good side.

Live the present moment intensely with positivity "

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It is true that whatever side we decide to feed will grow and become stronger. While I try to feed my positive side more, sometimes the negative side creeps in.

Live the present moment intensely with positivity

I'll try to always remember this

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Yes, we who decide what we are going to feed .

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If you do this, you should put some reference or link to your other publication sites.
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I think there is nothing left ... staying in the middle is not a good thing either ... we always have to have a decision where to go, where to leave.

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