Do not feel so as not to suffer!

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Life is not always easy, but there are those who decide not to want to feel in order not to suffer, but suffering is not a personal choice, because there is no way to choose to feel the pain or not, because it is real. Unfortunately, to this day, there is no anesthesia not to suffer, because each phase of life needs to be lived, and there are moments when we have to confront whatever is necessary.


It is necessary to understand each adversity and face it without fear, because living is nothing more and nothing less than confronting provocations, building, deconstructing, it is allowing happiness to embrace our lives, and accepting that, from time to time, suffering will hit on our doorstep to put us to the test and we need to be brave to face them and never let the blows of life bring us down.

Not everyone feels sadness in an equal way, there are those who face that moment more easily and others who cannot overcome the bad times. Many times we allow our brains to disconnect so as not to feel and consequently not to suffer, and so we isolate and become anesthetized.

Remember, to live is to feel in all its intensity, whether in its positive or negative side, with time everything passes, no pain is eternal that it cannot bear.

Challenge yourself to overcome every day.

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Nothing worth having exists without pain

It is really true.

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pain will always be inevitable, it is up to us to channel what may happen correctly.

That perhaps at first we do not understand why it happens, but everything leaves a teaching, even the bad and very bad.

Life is only one and unfortunately there is no spare, so we should face it as it comes, in the best style of a Russian coaster, in ascents and also in descents.

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It is true .. it is impossible to live a perfect life without pain, they are inevitable, sooner or later we will go through this.

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Sadly, pain is an inevitable part of life. However, there is no other way than to fall, wipe our knees, and keep walking... Maybe just around the corner, happiness lives 😉

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Truth ... just live each moment and get over it. Thanks for commenting, success for you!

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