It is a process, everything is built slowly "

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Success is not built by chance, it takes time, between low and high, between friction and disagreements. Whoever gives up halfway because of certain frustrations and for fear of failing and failing can not even achieve the taste of success.


Nobody wants to experience the taste of defeat, we live it practically all the time, we want to evolve, to stand firm on one purpose, but the distance between failure and success is not the same since to find evolution it is necessary to run after the dreams, and gradually walk towards progress. To be a failure, you just have to be stagnant without taking any action.

No one wakes up on any given day willing to fail, no one starts something with the intuition to stop, no one is even distracted if they are not tired of concentrating. But not everything is as easy as it looks, the challenges seem to put us against what we are really looking to do.

No achievement is easy, everything takes time, and you need determination to continue on the journey, because there will be setbacks that will try to make you stop.

We only win when we break the taboos dictated by ordinary people, don't be underestimated - you have the power to make things happen. Everything depends only on yourself, nobody will do anything for you but yourself - Think about it!

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Failure is part of success, as long as after that failure we take a positive attitude, learn and move forward with greater purposes.

I failed at the beginning of my life, I made mistakes that in my youth cost me a lot, but today, I met wonderful people who helped me get up and I have managed to overcome every negative fragment of the past.

The positive attitude is our best option and it is in this way that we must advise our little ones, so that their mind is open to learn from their mistakes.

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Who has never failed, or even tried ... If you failed it is because you tried, and it didn't work ... how good it would be if we didn't know the failure and started for success at once, but unfortunately that's not what happens to us Is not it?

But, how good of you to get up, life becomes easier when we learn to overcome life's obstacles.

Thank you very much and success to you.

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This article is so true, determination is something we must always have.

Without determination it is not possible to move forward, nothing is easy in this life, for everything we need to be determined.

You are totally right, everything has a time and obstacles must be overcome.

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It is ... if we learn to overcome the difficult moments of life, we will overcome each obstacle and thus we will win.

Success to you!

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Everything depends only on yourself, nobody will do anything for you but yourself - Think about it!

Truly we have to take the bull by the horn ourselves If we want to succeed because no one else will do it for us.

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It is true .. we are masters of our own will.

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