Opportunity favors the prepared mind

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In the fields of observation, chance favors only prepared minds, and if you stop to see, you will see that the opportunity is in everything, because everywhere we find different opportunities whatever it may be.


And when you are determined to take advantage of every opportunity that appears, then you can make things easier, because if you want something you will fight to achieve it by increasing the way to achieve success in what you are wanting.

If you look around, you’ll see something different,
if you change the direction, you’ll see it from another angle,
if you change the strategy, your path will change,
if you change the perspective, you’ll see another horizon,

Start by working your mind to see the opportunity in everything, but remember to embrace your trajectory with a lot of patience, love, always keeping in motion, letting everything flow naturally with a positivist mentality.

In a way, nobody wins at first, on the way there will be falls, stumbles, failures, so we must learn to use the
resilience, that is, knowing how to transform negative situations into a path that leads to success, since difficulty is not something that should take away your peace, but rather make you find the path of evolution.

Your success depends only on yourself, nothing ... simply nothing to be changed in your story if you don't start to change the way you think, and start taking advantage of the opportunities that are disguised around you.

Grab your opportunities, because luck only happens when the opportunity finds someone ready.

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