Reinvent yourself to survive !

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Most of the time our life does not go as planned, and we have a good option, that of reinventing ourselves. Making changes outside of times of crisis can help us prevent situations of high anxiety and stress, but when we need to survive we have only the option to reinvent ourselves, this may be the only way out of the comfort zone.


The comfort zone leaves us extremely calm and, therefore, and for us it is equally attractive. In it we found ourselves safe, until one day we were left with no way out because we were previously accommodated and we have to make room for the need to act in search of alternatives that we had not thought of.

The fact is that it would be better to act sooner and keep moving constantly than to wait for an opportunity to wake up from the autopilot we had been living on for a long time, and to leave our comfort zone only when circumstances demand would not be the best option. .

Acquiring new knowledge always brings us rewards, a good attitude is to act preventively, creating new opportunities even before our needs demand it. However, we don't have to be unhappy to go after anything, we must be sailing through calm waters first.

It is necessary to anticipate before something gets out of control, to create new alternatives to which we can cling if the current situation changes.

Do not wait to reinvent yourself, it is often possible to learn new things or even a new skill. Don't wait too long, learn and advance!

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What an awesome piece....@anacristinasilva

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