The search for perfectionism generates procrastination

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One thing that happens to all of us humans is the constant search that we have for perfectionism, but those moments when we want to achieve perfection and do our best so much that all we can actually do is stagnate.


This paralysis that we have for the pursuit of perfection defines that state in which we want to reach more than 100% of the potential and if we cannot, then we paralyze, when in fact what we should do to succeed in something is to first discard the idea of achieve something perfect, because that status may never be achieved.

However, we shouldn't let our brain feed on that focus and that sick need to want to start or finish when it is perfect. Many of our demands and peculiarities should be set aside, because the uncontrollable desire for perfection makes some people totally unbearable, and this is not good even for physical and mental health because it would cause us emotional distress and psychological exhaustion.

Manuel Vicent already said - "Perfection is death, imperfection is art."

We live in an era where we are more perfectionists than ever, we are paralyzed by the fear of failure, and all of this has generated a high cost, resulting in anxiety disorders, stress, depression, eating disorders, and consequently we are blocked and creativity does not come to fruition. afloat.

When we constantly strive for perfection, we are immobilized by the fear of failure and of not meeting our expectations and those that others have of us, because we want to do our best, we want to offer something extraordinary, but not every time this is possible.

Don't try to be perfect all the time, it doesn't exist, and it only leads to procrastination.

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I enjoyed reading your post. One approach for the perfectionist could be to think of perfect as a range say 80%-100% as opposed to always 100%. So then anything over 80% would be perfect. Do you think that could help?

When we look for 100% perfection in what we are trying to do and do not reach perfection, we get frustrated and sometimes we don’t even want to try more ... so I say better done than perfect.

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Sounds like analysis paralysis.


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No one is perfect,we should just happily live our life and avoid unnecessary pressure just because we want to be perfect or appear perfect....great post from you @anacristinasilva

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Exactly, perfection can be achieved, yes, but it must not keep us paralyzed ... we have to live each day as if we were unique.

Thanks !

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