To love is to care, protect and respect "

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Saying that you love by just words is easy, really difficult is to show that love through attitudes, and actions. Whoever loves is attentive to the small details, and the person himself values ​​who is by his side, making him feel special.


What is truly the love? It is nothing more, nothing less than caring, this is simple, since there is no love that is based on carelessness. On a daily basis we forget to keep our attention to those we love, we do not put these small details into practice because we think they are unnecessary, and unfortunately we end up sinning by disinterest and we maintain an attitude of indifference.

"We don't value what we have until we have lost it"

This phrase is so real, how many times we risk our personal relationships, we think that the people around us have an obligation to wait for us, to endure us, to understand us whatever is going on.

But the truth is that this feeling of love should not be neglected, as it is a necessity for all human beings on both sides. This little detail called "love" is the most important of all others, it is a feeling that must be spontaneous, that is what is truly worthwhile, it is the tiny things that cause gigantic emotions.

Love is the deepest pillar that is why we need to work on the ability to understand ourselves, accept ourselves and take care of our emotions, because when I love myself then I take care of myself and I am able to love my neighbor. Love is something so profound that it can be fed in many simple ways, with daily smiles, reciprocity, attention because it is love that gives life and illuminates the path of humanity.

If loving is caring, respecting and dedicating time to something or someone, it is difficult to imagine a dedication as pure, beautiful and necessary as loving people. But remember, everything has a limit, because love is mutual surrender .. So don’t give yourself so much to someone who in the end just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Who loves, cares !

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