You believe in God ?

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Do you believe that there is a supreme being who is in control of everything? I believe that we are passing through in this physical world and that there is a God who takes care of every detail and from heaven observes us attentively everything we do.


He knows all the pains and afflictions that we went through, and that nothing is simply hidden from him, he knows every detail of us, he knows perfectly the amount of hair we have, he knows what we are thinking today, he also knows what attitudes we will have to face some situation.

Why do some suffer more than others on earth? It is simple, nor did he, who was the sovereign whole, escape from the hands of the owner of the truth, capable of making decisions to end someone's life, why would we not suffer too?

Every day, he gives us the chance to start, to start over if necessary, he is sovereign, able to reverse the seasons, able to change what seems impossible in his eyes.

Regardless of any situation that we go through here on earth, in short, absolutely all of us at some point in our life have gone through trials, problems, tribulations, this is part of our life.

But we only face all these obstacles that life opposes, because we still believe in God and we know that we are not alone, and that he fights for us ... even though everyone may have abandoned you, he is still there supporting you.

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While I do believe in a higher power, I don't believe in religion. That we must do things a certain way or on a certain day seems to be about controlling the populace to me.

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I don't particularly like to talk about religion, but about Jesus yes.
Jesus is the strongest base within me.

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Great writing, I believe in that God, loving and giver of all our days. As you say, if Jesus suffered so much, why should we think that we will be exempt from pain? I take every situation in my life that way, knowing that everything has a reason and that things will change for the better. Blessings.

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Yes, we do not want to suffer, but suffering is part of the human condition, and some phase of life comes to us all.

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Hello @anacristinasilva, a big greeting and a warm hug, I applaud your perseverance and dedication, because although I am convinced that things are like this, sometimes I feel tired, when I see that many people are not interested in spiritual issues I give myself realize that there is a lot of disconnection. Personally, I have written a lot on this platform, about spiritual issues for the awakening of consciousness and I feel that human beings do not want to look a little beyond their noses. Reading you encourages me to continue. Thanks for writing. Of course, I am not one of those who give up but sometimes my power fails. Keep expanding the Light. Blessings.

We are small in the walk of life, and what would we be if we did not believe in a supreme being?

Thank you for commenting, always welcome here. Success to you!

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I do believe in God, though somethings happen sometimes and I have reason to doubt, I guess that's one of the reasons I'm human.

One thing is sure, he's always there and proves himself in so many ways .

Awesome post!

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We doubt, and question a lot, but he remains God.

Thank you for commenting and success to you!

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I think God as God can't be described accordingly with human-associated attributes.
he has names ought to be called such as "the merciful" so, talking about a topic such God. is philosophical and always been that way.
I appreciate posting such a topic. it's very original and unseen often in here.
well done @anacristinasilva

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