Change is constant

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As we live day to day one thing is constant which is change.
But the question we should ask ourselves is what are we changing to ?. People change varies from one another. We have positive change and negative change. Some people are known well for good things but they eventually change to the negative part of good due to friends, pressure or some other things, why some are known for bad but they later turn to be good.

We are gradually moulding our future with our daily activities.
May with not spoil our future with our daily activities. #ctpcontent

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Change is needed when our goals are not coming to reality. Some people have been walking the same road or the same direction but still they are not achieving their goals, maybe they should have a change on their direction. Some are applying the wrong principle to success and they say they need success. Haaa, they may not be aware. Please, some one should tell them to change from wrong to right.

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