POB photocontest: Subject: CIRCLES

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Welcome to a new round of the Proofofbrain Photocontest.
The subject for round #4 will be: CIRCLES

It can be any kind of circle. Or even multiple circles! Just use your imagination.

How to join & rules

  • You create a post containing a photo of the subject for this round

It's important that the photographs you submit are made by you. It can be a new photo or one from your archive.
Add a few words describing your photo; what you photographed, why you photographed it and maybe what settings you used, so others can learn from it.

  1. You create a post with your photo, a (short) description of your photo and add the #pobphotocontest tag to that post.
    You can add more photos to that post, but only the first one in your post will be your submission for the contest.
  2. You place a link to the post you created in step 1 in the comment on this post.
    This is important, so I will not have to search for your submission.
    You can add your image to the comment too.

The contests ends next sunday October 17th 8:00 PM CEST.
I will personally judge the photos and select a top 3.


All the POB tokens this post gets will be distributed among the winners.
The 1st place gets 50%, the 2nd 30% and the 3rd place will get 20% of the POB payouts of the contest post.

So for example; if this post receives 50 POB votes, the pay-out will be 25 POB.
#1 will get 12,5 POB (50%), #2 will get 7.5 POB (30%) and #3 will get 5 POB (20%).


Since this is a new initiative it would be helpful if you could help draw some attention to this contest by reblogging or mentioning photographers.


Do you want to get a mention when a new round of the #pobphotocontest starts, just let me know in the comments.



If you have any questions you can pose them in the comments or find me in the #pobphotochallenge channel of the ProofOfBrain Discord server:



Photographing is my passion. Although I like photography in general, nature photography is one of my favourite subjects. I often go out with my camera for a hike to capture the beauty of nature.

I would love to read what you think of my photos in the comments. You could also contact me if you have any other remarks or questions in the comments of via Discord (friendlymoose#5717)

More FriendlyMoose

I'm sharing my photo's on Hive and Noise.Cash.
Noise.Cash is an alternative to Twitter where you can earn Bitcoin Cash.
If you also want to earn money by sharing photos (or other content) you can become my referral.

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Thanks for your submission.
You're mentioned next round 👍

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mmmmmmmm bacon…. . Now I am hungry for breakfast again…


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Great Contest.

Here is my photo … Could I get a mention in the next post so I can enter some more Photography from my Glass Studio ?



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My circle photo with a Daisy Haiku … I would love a mention for the next Contest.



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Your photo matches your subject nicely. Do you really only photograph daisies?

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Here is my contribution to the contest

Link to the original entry 'Circles'

La Penya 043.jpg

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Great circle photo

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Many thanks!

Here is my entry … could you also tag me in the next contest ?



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Delighted with the contest my friend and here I am with my participation. Greetings. https://www.proofofbrain.blog/hive-150329/@fragozar01/the-circles-of-our-lives

My entry might come late but it's still valid because the deadline is still open, I might still be one of the winners who knows?,, @friendlymoose pls try to mention
me too as am your follower now, I don't wanna miss to participate in your contest, tanks.... Here's the link to my entry..

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At the first glance I thought it were some kind of pipes, but then I spotted the spoons 😄
Nice one!

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thank you, my friend! yes, Ethiopian coffee cups full of the hot black coffee set.
i have a few like these at home - always use them when I make coffee for myself and my friends on the fire.

Thanks for the submission and I will!

Here is My entry https://www.proofofbrain.io/hive-150329/@edipascal/pop-photocontest-circle-preparations-for-nigerian-coconut-rice
Its exciting once again to be part of this contest. Do well to mention me so I don't miss any series.

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Thanks for your submission. I will mention you in the next round 👍

The Circles for You

Good turnout of participants! @friendlymoose

Looks like it was a popular and fun theme this last round: CIRCLES

Good luck to all entrants!

I try to choose themes that are accessible and fun for everyone. The subject for next round is COLOURFUL. Are you joining?

With a theme as diverse as COLOURFUL, definitely!

I had downloaded several images intended to be used in a post as my entry for the CIRCLES theme but learned a few minutes ago I'd missed the cutoff when I reread the rules.

My old eyes thought the deadline was CST instead of the correct CEST, one I wasn't familiar with.

Haha! 🕑 vs 🕙

Where are you located? @friendlymoose

Oh, I'm so sorry for that.
I'm in the Netherlands. We have Daylights Savings Time. On October the 31st the clock will be set back 1 hour.

Nice to meet you, my new friend from the Netherlands! @friendlymoose🇳🇱

No apologies necessary. HIVE has been a wonderful place to learn about the different time zone abbreviations!😀

We too have that annoying daylight savings time clock change thing. I'm not a fan of darkness before 5pm in the evening!

Nice to meet you too.
Daylight Savings Time was introduced to save Energy, but that doesn't seem to help.
Some European countries want to get ridnof it and I do hope we will too.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

I'm looking forward to joining this one this time. I'm a little scared though because I'm using a phone camera and I'm sure its nothing compared to anything the others would be using, haha. I don't want to be going around in circles so I'll try it this time

Let the best man win...

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Cool! Don't be scared. Phones make wonderful photos nowadays. I often take photographs with my phone. Shooting nice photos is more about creativity and composition.
Good luck!

I just want to ask if photo editing is allowed.

Sure, you can do some photo editing. Although I personally don't like it when it's overdone.

This week contest is circle?How? Please I don't actually understand it.

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Thanks for dropping out contest at all time@friendlymoose

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It's simple. Create a photograph of a circle; something that is round. Or even multiple circles. Just use your imagination!

Okay. Thanks.

I know what to post about circle thanks for the contest 😊

Cool! I'm curious what you come up with this time.

Great contest. Will find some circles. Would love a Mention.

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hiya, please add me to the alert list ;-)

I've added you to the list.

Thank you👍😊


Here comes my entry ,,the funniest picture have ever taken in my life

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I didn't get a mention this time @friendlymoose I almost forgot about the contest

Posted via proofofbrain.io

I'm so sorry. I've added you to the list now. Luckily you have found it yourself!

Thank you😄

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It's here now. This is my first time in the contest. Here is my entry link.

Here is my entry for this week's contest

Thanks for the mention earlier, I almost forgot again
Keep up the good work😃

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Oh, this is really nice. I don't want to miss this one @friendlymoose

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Hi, here my entry


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I humbly submit my submission =)

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Here is my entry @friendlymoose


Don't forget to mention me in the following round.

Have a blessed day 🌷

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