Fulfill the Hobby By Catching Crabs in the River for Dinner

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Hello friends!

Crab is an aquatic animal that can live in salt water and fresh water. Crab can be used as a substitute for fish in terms of food, in terms of its shape, it is a bit scary because it has many legs, the back cover is hard in the form of a shell and has 2 large thighs with a very strong grip, very dangerous if it is hit by the claws of crab teeth.


Although the shape is a little scary, but the crab has meat that is very delicious in taste, will still be delicious in various types of cuisine, both fried and mixed in instant noodle dishes.


Crab instant noodle dish with soup seasoning

Tonight with friends caught crabs in a river by making traps and bait. We managed to find some crabs that we aim to eat with instant noodle dishes, in addition to fulfilling the #hobby, we also have our dinner with delicious dishes.




Wow, the crab looks really delicious. It's sad that I've never tasted it before. Wasn't it dangerous catching crabs ?