Talented Players and Our Solid Football Club Plays in Tournament Events

in Proof of Brain8 months ago

Good day friends!


Yesterday afternoon our football team plays in a local tournament event organized by local residents. A total of 32 teams took partisipating in this tournament event from several Distribusi to become champions in order to get tempting prizes in the form of cash and trophies, because this prestigious match was in demand by many strong teams, our club officials prepared the players by working hard through the selection process players in the District to be assigned in the team squad.


By the accurate selection so that managers and coaches managed to find 18 talented players for club solidity with the hope that our team can win this tournament, of course we don't forget to pray to God hope to give us as victory in every match.

For my self, I am very happy because I was chosen to be one of the players as a goalkeeper and also included in the starting XI as this player, it is an honor for me because I can fulfill one of my #hobby in the world of football.


And I see the players who strengthen our team have talent and are also a solid team. Tank you!