Are musicians on top 3 of the most artistic nerds inside this Matrix?

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Maybe some of you are asking yourselves, if, the thing of being a crazy genius/nerdy soul is something out of this space, or it doesn't exist anymore ...

As you could read on my title, do you think that musicians are some crazy nerds as well, or in some cultures the term of being a nerd, means that you need to study math or to be a genius in IT or to read lots of books hours after hours ...

But i can tell you that in music it can be much more crazy, especially when you'll step inside the matrix of art/music and you'll meet those little ants on those tones of music scores :)))


It can happen' to see lots of them, especially through this journey along this pandemic inside the matrix that became one of the biggest experiment inside this world ...

By the time, when we will think that everything will be good again ( even if we need to define what means good for everyone), and we'll just think that, for instance, we, the artists, will be able to continue compose/create and present through concerts, our entire concepts through our own crafts ... i guess a new symphony will start and maybe we will not be able to conduct it :)

And, we'll just wait, almost like i am sometimes waiting in front of a studio or a rehearsal room ... some imaginary #sci-fi #story will happen' ... in everyone's mind and soul.


But in the end, who cares, right? :)

Music ... art ... what for? lots of people might think :)

And, we as musicians are still having a hope that music will change the entire boxes within the mazes of this matrix? Really ... really, really? :)))

Regarding #spotify we as artists are waiting to succeed as well, and we are hoping for at least some thousands of millions :)) of playings :)) when in fact even the taxes are hilarious when you are withdrawing your amounts earned through your own creativity ... for instance from an amount of let's say 20 $ you'll remain, with only 12-13 $ :)))))))))))

A good amount that can help a musician to support himself, his family and the entire neighborhood :)))

Sorry, i am sarcastic and i make a lot of jokes ... but it's well, right? The ignorance it's at a higher degree of a bliss, right?

Meanwhile, i'll just return to my creation mood, and after a little discussion with my buddy Jedi Yoda, maybe i'll have some inspiration to write something for flute, saxophones, turkish ney ... who cares, actually, right ... ?


Ciao a tutti!

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