The captivity of Creativity

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"If uncertainty is unacceptable to you, it turns into fear. If it is perfectly acceptable, it turns into increased aliveness, alertness, and creativity."
_Eckhart tolle

a creative person or mind or even an entity can be creative in just "being".

Say, that a person thinks by his "mind" or to what called "the thinker" is telling him what he is, what he knows and even what he'll become...

and this young human keeps naively believing what the mind dictates and the lad has never stopped to question or never been doubtful about the occurring of these thoughts. having the ability to control his fait.

What you think is what shall you become.

BUT, what if this enormous powers of brain is controlling you rather than YOU, Yourself is controlling It

What if this young human live a life of his own by his own decisiveness and willingness for existence or the life of an egotised self ruled by a what so called "Mind". has unconsciously emerged of an inferior collective awareness. That judges,hates,suffers, avenges; and never stopped to ask the real questions of the ultimate existence, to what has brought it to this 3 dimensional planet governed by so many energies, creatures and powers affecting each other in a realm of a Universe.

this collective awareness encompasses us from every corner polluting are heads with outsider thoughts thus was believed it's our own.
we used to live in tribes where the collective awareness is bubbled and preserved by an unbroken parameters. it's the same but it's bigger now with the same mass awareness unchained and surpasses all standers of a near break-down.

So what happened is...
the collective awareness of a tribe has turned to a bigger collective awareness of a much bigger Urbanic-tribe. whereas, if it's left to it's own willingness&decisiveness to live, Individuality and Uniquness of a free human would have simply existed.

And then Comes LAW&Order to what it's claimed saving humanity from itself.

Sanity says " what brings us together sets us apart"
and "chances forever, are written in the stars"

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