FOMO - Hive greatest of all opportunities

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There is consensus among most all cryptocurrency enthusiasts that bitcoin was and is the biggest opportunity in recent years.

However, I affirm without fear of making mistakes, that HIVE is the greatest opportunity we have at the moment and that we will have in the short term and if we continue to follow the path we are following, it will also be in the long term.

Allocating our resources in BTC, BNB, ETH, and several other top 10 currencies is indeed a great chance of doubling or even increasing x10 the allocated amount. But for those like me on the premise of "bitcoin don't sell, you just buy" in down times there isn't much to do but wait for the bear market to end and follow a new bull rally.

But HIVE is much more than a currency that we expect to appreciate in order to increase our equity against government shitcoins. Hive gives us the opportunity to receive curation dividends in times of bear market, which means that when the bull market arrives we will have our balance higher than when the bear market started.

Besides that, there is a great opportunity for exponential gains by creating a network of friends, because it is actually very good to talk and teach your friends and close people about bitcoin, but it is even better to talk here and get paid for it.

The great opportunity for 99% of the world's population is HIVE, but they still don't know, just as in the 80's the great opportunity was for you to learn programming (even if it was something out of this world for most of the population at the time), because it was an opportunity for the future, just as we are taking advantage of it now.

It's not at all difficult, he claims until it's very easy, to imagine HIVE having the value of $2 as a support on the future chart, looking for $5, $10 or even why not $10.

The opportunity is already on the table, the elephant is already in the room.

If someone is often reading about cryptos in fear of missing out on something that will skyrocket the value by 1000%, it's because he still doesn't understand that in the long run HIVE can offer him much more than that.

And there are many (and when I say a lot, it's a lot) of us here, as real use cases about opportunities that weren't missed and now help new users who are getting to know the world of Hive.

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Hive and ProofofBrain… along with Cosmos, Solana and Blurt. To the Moon. 🧠 🚀 🌙

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Wonderful piece @vempromundu.pob
Actually i have same premonition about hive as you sir. This is what made facebook what it is today, community of people knowing each other, and hive is even better cause we get paid for knowing ourselves and just talking to each other. I can imagin and see giving bitcoin a run for it crpto in the nearest future.
Good to see my thought in black and white by a senior here.

Hive a home for all, is offering us an opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else.

Sadly for some they don't know it yet.

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Let's all continue to push the narratives. Hives to the moon 🎑

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Hive community it give alot of opportunity, it is sad thing that most of people don't know the value yet.

But with time it will be alike other community.

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Bitcoin may be good for some people but as for me hive is better.

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Ain't no doubt, Hive is the next big thing.🛰🚀 It would only take a matter of time before it visualzes.😎👍🏻

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