How much are you willing to invest in POB's future?

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There is a lot of talk about the POB price being low or even that it should be worth a little more, but the most important thing is not coming to the debate.

How much are we willing to invest in pob.

And I'm not talking about money buying the Token, but investing our time, knowledge, hopes.

There are several other tribes that we could be posting, but we chose to spend our time on POB posting, curating and creating new connections.

Aggregated knowledge, since our community aims at what the brain can provide us, and thus generate valuable content.

And through where can we make all this strength be built and rewarded?

A user-created article wiki where the subjects we want to read about would have a page indicating posts about, it would be something to add to the community in the long run. Would we be willing to pay for it? Whether with votes, transfers, knowledge or any other kind of help?

A profile functioning as an art gallery for the designers who inhabit the POB, passing on the rewards to the artists as a way to foster more art in the community.

There are several possibilities we could explore.

Games that explore the maximum of knowledge, and that reward people who use their brains to assemble their strategies. RPG is a great example, could we have a POB RPG? Would it have enough users to have players? Would these players be willing to use POB as currency in this game?

There are several questions that came to my mind, where I see that there are many possibilities for us to expand POB beyond just a place to post and reap rewards.

What kind of functionality would attract you to the point where you could fund a project around here?

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I think it is going to drop down much more yet. Too many sellers not enough buyers. The honeymoon is over and now it is time for the builders to build something. You are on the right track with a post like this. To get POB to the next level there needs to be innovation, community and people excited to be a part of it. Weekly contests and daily discussions are a good start. Level 2.0 is up ahead.

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Casos de uso para mais ideias para utilização do token POB. É disso que precisamos.

Uma coisa legal tem acontecido com o BHT com casos de uso para o token deles. E até o final de 2021 eles querem por mais 3 projetos a funcionar.

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conta mais, conta mais

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Da uma olhada na conta oficial do Broadhive, eu até compartilhei um post de atualização no meu feed esses dias.

Undoubtedly, the first investment we must make is to invest time creating content and innovating, thus opening new doors for new people to bet on currency and `be excited to see productivity and quality content.

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as several others have states, PoB now needs more use cases and development. If we don't have that, price is only going to go down. Leo e.g. are doing so much and the price of that token has now somewhat stabilized; without that engagement and development I'm sure LEO would be a dead project. The problem I think is that we don't have many who want to take the torch and start building (not that everyone needs to be an IT genius). I am somewhat contributing with the #LTC contest in which I have now incorporated a PoB prize pool. But I think we need coders to do something creative and new

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I haven't kept up on it as much as I should but is there anything even being built with POB or is it just another blogging platform? Without development it's pretty much just how much someone is willing to buy the POB token compared to those selling. We have about 3 whales that just constantly bought POB for a good 2-3 months which drove up the price. Those whales now are pretty much done.

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I haven't kept up on it as much as I should but is there anything even being built with POB or is it just another blogging platform?

I can say just another. However, as we shouldn't expect anything from others but build, I'm designing something to be delivered in the coming weeks, and I believe it can help in some way.

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very cool continued development will be key always something new and something to improve on keep up the good work.

I love your idea. You're more like calling for increment in utility. You're asking that more outlet be developed where POB would be would be, that's a nice one.

When the utility on token is increased, the token would be in high demand, and that would ensure that the price doesn't take a constant downward trend.

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You are absolutely right, the price is going down which makes it a less lucrative token to buy and a platform to be on. For those who are here for a very long time and understand the concept of POB, this doesn't matter much. Like I don't really care about the current price. I know it's going to take a turn and the price will be high again. So I'm investing at least 3-4 hours a day (along with my regular job) to build my account and accumulate as much as I can.

But those who are new and have just started, or those who are looking for a place to enter would not find POB very lucrative given its low price. The platform deserves a lot better and for that we need to bring about some porject that can lure some great investors.

Mostly it's just about getting a good investment and the prices will sky rocket but yes, till then, we need to keep the people motivated with some good content and engamement programs.

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How much are we willing to invest.
Let me rephrase that, how much am I willing to invest in pob's future.

As much as I can. When I got on the platform newly, everything was just so boring, no friends, nothing.

But when I started showing more interest, the platform became more interesting.

I feel if we put more effort, pob's future would surely be a bright one.

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Hi friend, thank you so much for taking our time for such post. It is really needed. I am investing right now everything I can into this community because I believe in it and also I believe the people like you who are doing great for this community. We need a big event right now to bring back POB community to the top and fame it deserved, may be we can invite some Hive Whales join the community. There could be an airdrop, or a mega contest, also so much could be done if we start taking and getting leadership on board. 😊 🙏. !PIZZA

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