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RE: Contrasts - TRAVEL CONTEST #32 and winners from CONTEST #27 - Nobody

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Many thanks to you @travelcontest for organizing the contest, a good opportunity to show our work.

On the other hand, I would like to know how much is the 10% of the profit and where it is reflected. I can't get the idea of the '% beneficiary post'. I apologize for my ignorance.


Congrats!!! 😉 Well done!

Many thanks @duvinca¡

See you on noise.

You're welcome, @xaviduran.
I've found one nice article, here you could find the answer with good explanation to your question:

Thank you very much for your willingness.

Welcome! I think it really explains it very well.
Of course, there are six days where a post could get votes but usually most of the actions happens in the first 24 hours.