Demolition Man - a captivating and quite interesting story published in 1993.

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Demolition Man - a captivating and quite interesting story published in 1993.

Hello everyone, in this little post i will try to make a review about a wonderful exceptional classic cinematic creation, from 1993. A good film in which great well-known actors Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock make their appearance playing their roles in a unique way . I really liked the movie and i think it's worth seeing and reviewing even if we are in 2021.

Demolition Man is an American scientific action film in which the fascinating concept of cryogenics is exposed in a way that is as woww as possible. I was honestly quite young when i heard about this cryogenic subject and all just because of this fantastic film.

I like science fiction movies, ok not all of them - there are some that really don't deserve that precious time. Hey, but this movie is worth the time - it will never disappoint. As disturbing or strange as this concept of cryogenics may sound, in reality it exists and is put into practice in exchange for exorbitant sums of money (this is - it seems that there are people who want to live in other times, much more evolved).

Finally, this film production offers a scientific perspective on mortality, which is currently and quite already addressed in major science fiction productions. Given what is happening around the world and here I am not just talking about those scientifically important discoveries or inventions that really need special attention - slowly it seems that many topics exposed in science fiction movies will become a reality. The human mind is a precious tool that seeks ideas and solutions for the future of humanity. And, the films, i consider that they are created only to familiarize us with certain concepts that are more and more strange and fantastic - concepts on which, in reality, the scientific communities research and offer increased attention, receiving funds and investments.

Ok, a little summary of this film production.

In this film, Silvester Stalone and Wesley Snipes are the stars - the main characters on around wich all the action will take place. Ok, the story of this suspenseful fiction is set in the future. It begins in 1996, in a war-torn Los Angeles. John Spartan (Silvester Stalone), one of the city's most famous cops, nicknamed the "demolitionist", desperately hunts down the dangerous blond psychopath Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Spartan will capture Phoenix, but not before he kills more innocent hostages. Because they are more violent than the other criminals causing a lot of damage to society, the two protagonists will be captured, judged and punished with an eternal sleep - cryogenic sleep that will last until 2032. Hey, hence the true action of this visionary story will become much more valuable, quite of attractiveness.

This is one of my favorite movies, with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. A dynamic movie, with lots of breathtaking scenes - an explosive action with a little humor in a few lines and scenes and a cast of very good actors. A film that i had the pleasure of watching for a few times - even if it is a little older, it was really well done. I recommend with confidence. Thank you for your time - Cheers


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