KINGDOM (2019) International Trailer - Shinsuke Sato Live-Action Period Epic

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KINGDOM (2019) International Trailer - Shinsuke Sato Live-Action Period Epic

This Japanese film called, Kingdom is an adaptation of the manga series of the same name, created by Yasuhisa Hara and published by Shueisha.

A brief summary of this movie

Orphaned by war, Xin is sold as a slave to a small village, where he befriends Piao, another slave. Growing up, Xin and Piao train together, dreaming of escaping their low statuses and eventually becoming great generals.

Since its release, Kingdom has received rave reviews and has been considered one of the best films produced by Sony Pictures Japan. I enjoyed watching this wonderful movie. Honestly not worth missing - I really recommend with confidence. Cheers to everyone - Take care of your valuable time.


Thanks for the review. It looks like there's a lot o fighting going on :)

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Greetings🙂 @ervin-lemark Thank you for this precious gift⚡. Indeed in this movie is present lot of awesome⚔ fighting. If you are a lover of sword and martial arts movies, this Japanese creation deserves your attention. Every minute you will enjoy those action-packed scenes, believe me you will not get bored. Cheers🙋‍♂️



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