Darth Vader Painting - May the force be with you...

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Darth Vader Painting

May the force be with you

I now hold the title of being an artist. I spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday painting Darth Vader. I learned a lot of new techniques along the way, some I wish I learned prior to starting because I feel like I was getting better over time.

The Death Star

I begin by making the Death Star. I didn't have much of a plan painting this and that was part of the problem. I thought I was going to leave this as it but later I decided to touch it up to make it pop. Not sure if I accomplished that in the end...

Vader's Tie Fighter

We all know Anakin aka Darth Vader loved being a pilot. Since I was going with the Vader theme I had to include his ship in the painting!

The Start of Vader

With Vader I had a much better plan. I'll admit I did find a similar painting online that I used as a template, but made my own personal modifications.

Looking Like Vader Yet?

At this point I was starting to get excited with my work. Like I said, I got much better with time!

The Grill

The little details of Vader were something I didn't notice when I looked at the action figure I was going to copy, but the more I painted those details the more real it became and excited I got.

The Lightsaber

What is Vader without his lightsaber? He's not the Darth sith lord we all love that's for sure! I really liked how I made the saber look. In my next lightsaber painting I plan to use a gloss gel, which I recently acquired.

The Body

At this point I thought I was going to call it, but then I kept going. I wanted some stars, if I do this painting again or have a painting with a space background I plan to do the background first. Lesson learned.

Final Piece

Here it is guys, also the full piece is in the first picture. I think I may add some more stars, because the current ones look like my painting got infected with smallpox.

I'm going to practice some space paintings because I feel like I need to get better with those types of details, since drawing Vader himself was much easier and didn't require as many blending techniques.

Plus it's easier to layer on top of a good background then go back and try not to screw up the images you create.

I guess being an artist requires lots of practice but the more you do it, the more you know what skills you need to research and tools you need to buy. I went crazy on art supplies, thinking I'd need so many different types of brushes but I realized I probably don't. I'd rather have more stuff though.

In the end I had a lot of fun making this painting. Hope you guys like it, I may post it in the NFT gallery. I'm currently making another Star Wars themed painting with the new techniques I learned. I've been watching a ton of videos from artists lately, that's helped improve my skills a lot.

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed


*None, I painted this myself!





This looks amazing, I first thought it is some graphically created image, Nice painting, Keep it up.

Thanks man. I am working on another painting now, I hope it's going to be even better. My painting ideas come from whatever toys my son likes to play with, it's great!


Sorry, but your post is against community rules. Rule number 2, in this case. To read OCA rules before start to post in our community, is a must.

2 - No Copies/Studies of Other Paintings/Drawings

You copied the main subject of your drawing, Darth Vader in this case, and then added some stuff around him.

Here is the source to the reference: reference.

You can read the rules in the right sidebar on our community page, and more in deep in this post.

We have updated our rules some hours ago, so would be good if you read them in this post.

Shit, you're right dude I did imitate that painting. Sorry I didn't catch that in the rules. Will be more mindful in the future. I read the post, maybe I'll post on OCA when I have more skills... I'm trying to develop them atm

No problem, now you are well informed dude 👍