Learning New Painting Techniques: Blending and Layering

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Learning New Painting Techniques

Here is my 2nd attempt at painting. I'm pretty weak at blending and drawing landscapes and I'm currently trying to make an epic yoda painting that I don't want to screw up. So today I decided to try and learn some new techniques.

New Techniques

I've been watching a ton of youtube videos and today I attempted to paint a landscape without a template... probably not the best idea, you'll see what I mean.

The techniques I wanted to focus on was blending and layering. Applying these to paintings makes it really stand out and look more realistic. Since I want my paintings to look professional I thought I'd practice before I put the time into a larger painting.

It may surprise you but this took me almost all day! I could probably do it faster if I did it again or if I followed a video, next time I'll probably follow a guide, that way I have the painting to give as a Christmas present. Maybe I'll give this one to someone I don't like :)

Making Progress

So here you can see how I attempted to do some layering, I started to figure it out better as I want. I guess painting really does take a lot of practice. When you watch videos, some artists make it look so easy but if you haven't tried it yourself, it's quite challenging.

I did learn one thing I will use in future photos which is using the fan brush to make tree leaves, I think those actually came out very well. The only issue is that I have no idea what kind of tree I was trying to make here.


Here is the final painting. As you can see this is a landscape that doesn't really follow the rules of physics, I guess I painted a landscape from an alien world!

The issue I had is that I didn't draw the horizon line and I should have painted the ground first or at least knew how I would do the bottom part before doing the trees. I guess I should have just drawn more trees and no water, but I wanted to experiment with a gloss gel for the water, maybe it should have been a pond and not a river that starts from who knows where. It's supposed to be a manhole where the water is coming from.

With practice I'll get better, I painted this from the top of my head. I've watched a ton of painting videos but for the most part just went off memory. The lesson I learned here is that I need a plan and should follow a photo or template when I paint, I guess I wanted something unique plus I thought I was just going to draw trees and be done. Considering how much time I spent on the trees I was like, well mine as well finish now and make this a present for my mom. She'll hang it up for sure!

That's all folks, thanks for stopping by!


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Waoooo incredible I loved the result👏👏