Portrait Art: Acrylic Painting of my Son

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Portrait Art

Here are some pictures of some recent portrait art I attempted. My son was the model!

Drawing in Proportions

I found the secret to make this process easier was to use transfer paper, so I printed out a picture and traced the image onto a canvas.

At first, I was going to try and learn to draw in proportions... but I don't care about becoming a good drawer, I just enjoy painting!


Another technique I picked up from watching countless youtube videos was toning. This way, there are no white spaces and apparently it makes colors pop out better.


This was my first attempt at a portrait, but I enjoyed painting this much more than painting landscapes. The transfer paper made it easier too, since I expected drawing the portrait would have been the hardest part.

This opened up new ideas though, since now I can take pictures of random parts of movies and print them out. This way, I have unique photos and scenes to create for Star Wars and other things my son loves. Then, people won't think I stole someone else's art ideas!

Since I moved I haven't had a chance to paint as much, but I was able to stock up on enough paint to last me for the next millennium. Stay tuned for my next project!

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