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I've been here before as @regeneretta.
It felt good and friendly so I came back today with this account.

NOW ------->>>** Our perception of reality is based on the experience we are having and through our own system of beliefs. Personally, I have expanded my beliefs without having real proof of specific events, encounterings, or epiphany, even :) I dare to believe beyond what I see, hear, taste, smell, feel.

I am curious what do you believe in? And what you don't believe in?

There are things I don't trust...unreliable 1st narrators, his/her-stories, history books, etc. My skepticism goes as far as questioning (myself). 2 many Qs sometimes mean 2 many gaps in the given info.

I'm very interested in what and who do you believe in, in any aspect of life, spiritual, professional, personal, media, religion, etc. And I promise not to question your answer:)
I'm just a curious cat on the catwalk....on a hot tin roof!

I salute you! V

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