What's On Your Mind, Stayten? - Original Music Track

in Alien Art Hive β€’ last year (edited)


Artwork + Original music track made from scratch by me 🐡 @stayten.

Spoken Words:
I'm not ready to do this...
Need to be medicated first...
Gotta calm down first...
I see her everywhere... (But, do you promise?)
I know what you think... I am crazy...
Same... Face... Repeats...
...I know, it doesn't exist... Breathe...

Story Untold... Unfold, idk... Enjoy!


What's On Your Mind, Stayten?:



~ See You On The Other Side! 🐡

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Thank You! 🎼🐡

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This is a lovely, chill track! I like the mellow groove very much!
I also like how the artwork changes on the video version as the song plays!
Great job on this one! Bravo! πŸ˜ƒ

@thekittygirl BIG FAT MUCH LOVE! πŸ’š 🎼
You made me smile... Perfect comment to make someone's day :)


Oh... M4L Trail? Well, thanks :)

Wow good art and sounds I like have a great day

Glad you like it! Your support is much appreciated :)

Great work! Glad to also find it on Google music!

Much love, blood... Don't forget to earn me fractions of cents!

You know it!

This piece of music is wonderful and so is the drawing, which changes suddenly with the music. It is beautiful work.

Β last yearΒ (edited)

@talenteclub Can't thank you enough, nothing makes me happier than someone appreciating what I'm creating :)


Hot Stuff!
I like it, Great Job, and please keep it up!
Gotta get it out there!
Be Cool & Stay Safe - always!

Appreciate you, blood... I see this "πŸ’Έ" and I say Yes! :)

Good Deal!
We're on the same page!

Defo we are πŸ˜‰πŸ΅

I have been checking "musicforlife",
Looks very good! Thanks for the "tip"!
Stay Blessed, Safe, and Healthy!

Yep! #MusicForLife is indeed an awesome project, kinda like the LeoFinance for Musicians :)

Leofiance is not bad,
definitely adds a boost to Hive!
Take Care Buddy, and Stay Safe!
Did You send the email?
I haven't gotten that far yet...
early morning here..
Be Good, Safe, and Healthy!

Did You send the email?

Not yet, I saw your mail but, I just woke up now... Will do send it in a few :)
You stay safe as well, mate, much love 🐡 πŸ’š 🎼


Thank you, much appreciated 🐡

@borjan How about this one as well?
Forreal though, let me know what you think of this one... BTW, Sleeping Online still in progress :)

:) All great stuff ... I like the quiet, and kind of joyful :D creepiness.

Ah, I knew you'd like it... Thank you, blood, feel free to use anywhere you want, I'm not holding Content ID for it :)


Cool :) thanks !

excellent work!

Thank you, much appreciated 🐡

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@hafizullah Much thanks... 🎼 πŸ’š Your support is appreciated, mate :)


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