ACCOUSTIC: three poems

In recent times, I've begun to pay attention to content creation especially how I can graft graphics into my writing to make it unique. I don't know why I'm doing this yet but I'm enjoying it and it takes some doing to get everything done.


Writing has always been a personal journey for me but it is beginning to become political. It is said that writing is a political act as much as breathing or eating, praying or not praying in a certain way. Unlike the aforementioned though, this is a more deliberate attempt at engaging with issues that bedevil my community. I believe that poets are witnesses and the memory of a given place, their geography, culture, taboos, music, religion, rituals and so on.

I try not to be overt in my interrogation of society. I'd rather it forms within the structure of something innocuous. So you read & in seek to understand, you find interpretation that moves away from your expectations. It is like a surprise gift.


I think as a poet, I've evolved over the years. I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to finding something befitting. I feel like an caterpillar who knows that it can be a butterfly but has to go through the cocoon, be pupae, be caterpillar before finding wings. I believe that journey is almost at its end.

Poetry began as therapy but it is now something more, a means of remembering, a tool for understanding myself, a path away from my often weary existence. It has become a bigger part of my life. The struggle continues but so far, poetry has kept me whole.


These three poems are some of what I have been working on. If you have read my work in my early years in this our thing, you will note the changes in our I express myself. Maybe one day I will talk about process. Until then, enjoy these three poems, be kind, stay hydrated & mind your business.


I do like how you present these works, you know I love your poetry, the amazing imagery that you always create, you have such a wonderful gift of transporting us readers into your creations. I hope you are well my friend, it has been a while. Much love xxx