Crypto Brew Master - Evolution of events (Эволюция эвентов)

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Even so, I decided to remember the evolution of events ...Всеже решил вспомнить эволюцию эвентов....
It all started out like magic, with a prize pool of as much as 1,100 Hive per week. If it were now, I think a fairly large part of the players in other games would be in CryptoBrewMaster. There were only top 10 prizes, but firstly, the prize in coins went to the Hive account and you could spend them on the game's coins, and secondly, there were no problems with the bartender's trade and the market. The only thing needed to withdraw coins from the game was a cheap license. But the first place brought, in addition to a set of cards, also 50 HiveВсе начиналось просто феерически, с призовым фондом аж в 1100 Hive в неделю. Будь такой сейчас, думаю достаточно большая часть игроков в другие игры были бы в CryptoBrewMaster. Призовыми были только топ 10, но вопервых приз в монетах поступал на аккаунт Hive и можно было потратить их на монеты игры, во вторых с торговлей у бармена и на рынке проблем небыло. Единственное для вывода монет из игры нужна была дешевая лицензия. Но первое место приносило кроме набора карточек еще и 50 Hive
Then there was a small change ... Personally, I thought and still believe that it was correct. All the same prize pool was already divided into the top 25. This encouraged new players to enter the game and play. Yes, that reduced the first place prize from 50 Hive to 25 - but it was worth it because it attracted new players.Потом произошло небольшое изменение... Лично я считал и считаю что оно было верным. Все тот же призовой фонд делилися уже на топ 25. Это стимулировало новых игроков входить в игру и играть. Да, это сократило приз для первого места с 50 Hive до 25 - но оно того стоило, потому что привлекало новых игроков.
The third change in prizes for the first was made at 20 Hive. Honestly, I don’t remember why they reduced it, in my opinion, to again increase the rewards for lower places in the top, so this did not cause any grief, everything went for the good of the gameТретье изменение призов за первое сделали в 20 Hive. Честно, не вспомню почему уменьшили, помоему для опять же увеличения наград за более низкие места в топе, так что и это не вызывало огорчения, все шло на благо игры
The fourth change in prizes for the first was made in 10 Hive and 400 ASH, which actually cost the same 10 Hive, but in far-reaching plans were to be used and even then it was possible to buy a passport for 1000 ASHЧетвертое изменение призов за первое сделали в 10 Hive и 400 ASH, которые фактически и стоили тех же 10 Hive но в далеко идущих планах должны были использоватся и уже тогда можно было купить паспорт за 1000 ASH
The fifth change in prizes for the first was made at 400 ASH, well, yes ... they removed the Hive award and left only ASH, at that moment it became possible in the game to go only to zero and only in case of great luck and an accurate understanding of how to win. At the same time, they began to restrict those who did not have passports, first to trade on the domestic market, and then to trade with the bartender.Пятое изменение призов за первое сделали в 400 ASH, ну да... убрали Hive награду и оставили только ASH, в этот момент в игре стало возможно выходить только в ноль и только в случае большой удачи и точного понимания как выйграть. Вместе с этим начали ограничивать тех у кого небыло паспорта, сначала торговлей на внутреннем рынке, а потом и торговлей с барменом.
Well, the sixth change, almost a year later, reduced the reward for the first place to 100ASH and returned the number of prizes from 25 to 10.Ну и шестое изменение, практически через год сократило награду за первое место до 100ASH и вернуло количество призовых мест с 25 до 10.
For understanding. To take the first places in three events, you need to spend about 50 Hive per week.Для понимания. Что бы занять в трех эвентах первые места, надо потратить порядка 50 Hive за неделю.
The last week with prizes for the top 25 brought me 80 ASH, but I did not spend anything, only completed free questsПоследняя неделя с призами для топ 25 принесла мне 80 ASH, но я не тратил ничего, только выполнял бесплатные квесты


Oof. That is quite the difference.

I get removing HIVE rewards as the coin has pumped a lot since its bear market price of $0.20 or so.

Yeah, it makes you wonder where things are gonna go from this point on.

In my humble opinion there are several options:

  • the developers have completely switched to the ocean.
  • lost the person responsible for attracting people to the game (definitely, now the game is not just not to earn money, even playing zero suits me. Now the game is to bring in as much money as possible)

Even the introduction of guilds would create some kind of movement in the game, and I was thinking about guilds back in March last year ...

Reducing the top 10 to 10 will result in even fewer people playing. And I would not be surprised if after a couple of months (with the same game policy) it will be possible to enter the top 10 manufacturer simply to create water

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