Reading Russo

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Well, friends, the break in the template in the new year continues and I am smoothly moving on to books. By the way, the experiment with films failed. From everything indicated in my posts above, I did not fully look at anything, alas

But in one gulp I revised in my free time, and there was not much of it, the film adaptation of Harlan Coben. The detectives turned out to be extremely exciting, but I watched detectives with thrillers before, so it's more of a tribute to the habit🤷🏻‍♀️

But I haven't read Richard Russo before, have you? I was recommended, so I started with Straight man

There is a story of a teacher, a week long, and it all should look dull, but with what humor everything is described! And I really appreciate humor sense of humor and presentation of material

One of the quotes: Collectively, they believe that righteous indignation will atone for and even outweigh any flaws in punctuation, spelling, grammar, logic, and style. And culture is on their side now or But my father and I quite clearly understand where and in what we did not meet the expectations of each other, and we also know: the one who turns out to be so imprudent that he asks about it will have a detailed answer. In short, it's very funny, you will laugh to tears