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Malt House and Further Updates


The new building currently revealed in the CBM ecosystem, it caused some bugs and issues among lots of players, so our Wizzard team used to work till midnight to complete all the requests from the users)

But the building is finally live! So let's take a closer look at it!



Now it's possible to craft 2 types of malted barley out of the same grain type that can be gathered from the grain field or bought from the market.

2 Row Barley Malt


(1) To craft 2 Row Barley Malt you required to use 1 Brewing Water with min 10 power and 2 Row Barley with min 10 power. The process also requires 3 energy, 140 minutes of waiting, and (2) 9.719 Condition points. Crafting possibilities can be observed in the bottom panel of the window (3).


(1) Finish Now option costs 4.16 CBM. Also, be sure that the condition doesn't run lower than 9.7% which will cause the stop of the production (2)

6 Row Barley Malt


Producing 6 Row Barley Malt requires 6 Row Barley gathered from the field with min power of 10 and a Brewing Water with min power of 10 (1), it requires 3 energy and 150 minutes of waiting. Please notice the condition bar (3) is now at 90,18% after the previous 2 Row Barley Malt production. To renew the building it requires 2,1 CBM (4) and we recommend you to renew it because the default probabilities are lower (5) than the probabilities at 100% Malt House condition.

Probabilities compare at each condition


Case 1: using O Brewing Water + O 6 Row Barley


Case 2: using O Brewing Water + O 6 Row Barley

What's next?

See you at the @HiveFest for further information regarding our updates!


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Now we need a Yeast generator and it will be complete.

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Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd and a bit confusing that the announcement posts are in the Team Ukraine community rather than in the Cryptobrewmaster community?

That's because all the recent posts did via Aeneas.Blog interface to support them, and they go directly into the TU community.

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