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I've commented about your spam before. You know I don't like it and that I've been downvoting you due to that. @charityball explained to you why your cheating the platform got you banned from posting on

Now you've stopped using the #chary tag and started using the #proofofbrain tag. I've got news for you. Check the POB Richlist. I currently have 3798 POB staked putting me in the top 25 highest staking accounts. I get POB every day by actively curating so that amount is just going to grow. If you keep trying to use the #proofofbrain tag on your low effort posts and copy-paste your replies to other users' posts part of that daily curation I do will be 100% downvoting you on

@proofofbrainio will eventually notice you and you'll be just as banned from posting on as you are on Please stop trying to cheat the platform. There is no honor in spamming and getting banned from every tribe.