How to teach baby drink through a straw [ENG]

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Hi, dear! My name is Nadiia, i'm from Ukraine an i'm a Baby Feeding Coach. (check my insta)

This is post about "How to teach baby drink through a straw".

I advocate teaching the child independence from the very beginning of complementary feeding, so that the baby feeds himself.

One method of fueling interest in liquid foods like drinking yogurt is by learning to drink on your own.

These complementary foods do not need to be poured into teat bottles.

It is necessary to separate the concepts: drinking from a bottle🍼 (mixture) and adult food 🥤☕️🥛.

But if the child does not drink the mixture well, mothers note that they drink from a straw more willingly👌

One can and should be taught to drink from a cup, but it would be just as good to teach how to drink from a straw.

🥤Now there are many comfortable silicone soft tube bottles.

These tubes do not hurt the baby, they have a large suitable hole. I recommend them from the experience from consultations, many babies began to love drinking yogurt when they learned how to use them.

🥤When to start teaching?

From 6 months old you can also teach to drink from a straw from a cup. During a walk you can offer to drink some water. I did not buy sippy cups for my son with different spouts or flattened nipples, his first bottle was with a straw.

🥤Well, a very common question, HOW?

Look at the picture of what mom is doing (as I taught other moms as well). You don't need to know a lot, just sit in front of the baby and show how you drink, pulling your cheeks in, show how it works.
Be sure to first focus the child's attention, MAKE SURE that he was looking at you during the demonstration and only then give it a try. Do this until the child understands what's what.


Check my post with video, how my little students drink throw a straw

I hope this post was helpful, I will be grateful for the likes :)
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