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This is the dream of every lego nerd :))

To have infinite stories created under the label of what we call #fiction ...

Today, while me and my children were having a new photo shooting for some lego stories that hopefully will appear under some new stop motion movies as well, we've discovered one of the best designs in this world of lego.

The book style of lego sets ...

8Image 2021-02-23 at 22.03.53.jpeg

These are the perfect lego sets in my humble opinion because they are very compact, first of all and they are not occupying big spaces in your room ... and the most important thing, is the fact that you can transport them very easy ...

I think that even the lego minifigures are loving this kind of designs, and they are very happy to travel with you all over the world or in some areas within the nature, where you can take some awesome photos or some awesome stop motion movies as well ...

When me and my children decided that soon we'll start new stories with our new lego minifigures and the old ones as well ... and also we'll composed our own soundtracks for our movies ... everyone was getting more than happy :) Even the lego minifigures within our lego book came out and saluted us very happy for our new initiative ...

Regarding the traveling story, having these kind of books of lego all the time with us , will be something awesome as well, and, maybe in the end they will always remain new characters, as long as you are taking care of them :)

9Image 2021-02-23 at 22.03.52.jpeg

I think that this lego book that has as main character Mrs. Sprout it's one of the coolest one ...

Of course, when we spoked with this awesome trio that appears in this lego book, and, i've said that there will be a guest as well within our episode, everyone was more than happy :)

This idea offered me new opportunities to take some "foggy" photos as well, since my special guest was Filius the Elf :)


Everyone from our #lego book were so happy to hear that the special guest will be Filius the Elf, maybe one of the greatest magicians between the elves.

They were preparing for an awesome time through which they knew that some new magic recipes will be invented.

They've had such an awesome time during that foggy night.

6Image 2021-02-23 at 22.03.55.jpeg

They've prepared before Filius the Elf arrived, and by the time when they were together, new formulas based on magic herbs were #created by this awesome team ...

Even from squashes they could invent magic potions and of course an awesome soup as well :)

7Image 2021-02-23 at 22.03.55.jpeg

I guess that this kind of lego sets will be the Future, until everything will become virtual reality and maybe some of us will be able to enter the Matrix of #lego through some futuristic portals ...

Let's see what this hurried Future might bring for us :)

Do you think that what i am predicting will happen'?

Soon ... but not yet ...

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Looks very impressive!