Friday evening with "Aperol Spritz" - An Ukrainian refugee in the Netherlands

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This week was long, every minute seemed like a year to me. I have been working 5 days a week, seems like a full-time job but it's not a full-time job. The last two days were hot, warm days, very enjoyable and pleasant weather to enjoy but I have spent most of my time at work so couldn't do much. Luckily due to my schedule, I have got a day-off off this weekend I mean tomorrow, Saturday I have off-day. I had never cherished a weekend like this before after leaving Ukraine, every day was similar and regular but now I know why here people love weekends. I don't have any plans yet for tomorrow but probably will do something fun, not sure still. I might go to the grocery to buy some snacks, and food and then will go to another area of Almere. I haven't finished seeing the Almere city.

My current job is a very hard-work job but this job is teaching me a lot of things. Not only I have met a lot of people but also I have been noticing a few things about people's work ethics. On the other hand, I have been experiencing work politics too. Here, people are very straightforward and open. That's why sometimes it seems very rude behavior but it's a good thing. For example, if someone doesn't like your way of talking or way of working, they will tell you directly, whether you like it or not. It might hurt an individual too but this is the culture. People are very straightforward here.

In Almere city, Friday night means party night. People spend time with their friends and family and often at night, spend time at a bar. Restaurants and bars stay open up to 12.00 am but the kitchen gets closed at 11.00 pm or 10.00 pm. The bar stays open and some shops stay open until 3.00 am at night. In Kharkiv, I saw people enjoy their weekend from Friday night to Sunday night but here Sunday means family day/ church day. Even in Poland, I saw the similarities and I am not sure if this is a part of European culture or not. The only difference I have seen between Poland and the Netherland is, in Poland, during the weekend everything is closed even shops but here shops stay open maintaining a certain time period.

Today I finished work early, I only did a 7-hour shift instead of 8 hours. I was not feeling good at work so I left my workplace early. My plan was in the evening I will go out and will find a restaurant or bar to drink something. It's been a long time since I have drunk a cocktail. Besides due to PTSD, I wasn't able to think clearly and I was not in the mood to do something for myself. I was angry and depressed. Moreover, this week was rough so I decided to do something that will refresh my mind. I didn't want to stay alone, I wanted to see the people and wanted to be a part of the culture here. So, I went to the city center.



The weather was good, not too hot or not too cold. The atmosphere was chilly and pleasant and the day was long enough to enjoy the sun. Yesterday was hot, it was around 28 degrees celsius in the evening but today was 24 degrees celsius. The sun was about to set when I reached the restaurant area. After spending some time in the city center, I went to the restaurant area to have a drink. The entire area was cheerful and full of people. Seeing the surroundings, one can easily comprehend that it is a weekend night.


After seeing some restaurants and the prices of the drinks and menu, I have found a place for myself to drink a cocktail. I normally don't drink beer but when I do, I buy it from the superstore. But today as I wanted to do something fancy for myself so I went to a restaurant/bar to have a drink. It's been a long time since I haven't done anything for myself or for my entertainment. The price of drinks and food are high here, they are not cheap at all but here according to people's earnings, the price seemed fair to me. People like me find everything expensive here, to be honest. I could have gone to Amsterdam but I didn't have the energy to travel there.


I have ordered the Italian classic cocktail "Aperol Spritz", I am more of a vodka or tequila girl and I am a fan of Blue Lagoon, Bloody Mary, and Tequila sunrise. The restaurant didn't have Tequila sunrise otherwise I would have ordered it. Here I only found Tequila sunrise in a Mexican restaurant.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Aperol Spritz on a hot summer day and I also ordered a side dish too. I forgot the name already but it was made of shrimps. Total I have spent 15 euros today so not bad.

I somehow managed to enjoy the Friday evening. After a long day of work, I was finally relaxing on the couch while enjoying my drink...



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Keep reporting on your life over there.


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I will try, thank you...

Giving yourself small treats from time to time is good to cheer you up. I wish you a quiet weekend.

Exactly, it was somehow needed and the time was so relaxing... Have a great weekend...

Its not that bad when you treat yourself. Its the little things that you do for yourself sometimes that matters.

I didn't know Poland had a culture of not working on weekends. I love the country and would love to visit pretty soon. Do you think its worth it?

Poland is a beautiful country and I am sure you will love it. Big cities like Krakow, Warsaw, some shops like Zabka stay open during the weekend...But better to do shopping before the weekend... @joydukeson

Thanks a lot...

Thank you for this information

Interesting read, keep it up.

Thank you...

I had a cocktail in France once. I could have bought a week's groceries for the same price in the UK. It was so worth it! It's good to treat yourself. X

I could have bought a week's groceries for the same price in the UK.

Cocktails are expensive here too but I prefer cocktails more than wine or hard drinks. It was a "Me Time"

I don't blame you. You definitely deserve it.

Celebrate yourself! You deserve it! ♥️

Thank you...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I've never tasted Aperol, but the drink looks lovely! And a cocktail with a shrimp appetizer for €15 is not really a bad price in the so-called 'Western' world. So glad you did something different and special for yourself! 🤗

If you like orange then I think you will like this drink, it's refreshing during summer before lunch or dinner. The drink was 8.50 euro so it was not very expensive but for me, now, it looks expensive.

Thank you dear...

Hi @priyanarc, in Poland shops are not closed all weekend, only on Sundays and not all of them because, for example, yesterday was a shopping Sunday and all shops were open. This changed about 4 years ago, previously shops were also open every Sunday. Many people (including me) regret that it has changed like this. I also recently drank Aperol Spritz at a party with my friends 🍹 Sometimes it is worth giving yourself such little pleasures 😊

I see, well I am not habituated with this culture because, in Ukraine, I used to go to shopping mostly on Saturday and Sunday. I was not in Poland for much longer and where I was I noticed on Saturday everything was almost closed. In Warsaw, my Sunday was really boring because I didn't find anywhere to go nearby. You know about Poland more than I so I guess I haven't seen the real Poland :)

Did you like Aperol Spritz?

Smaller shops are open shorter on Saturdays, e.g. until 2 p.m. - 3 p.m., but large shopping malls (for example, Złote Tarasy or Arkadia in Warsaw) are open, just like on other days of the week, until 10 p.m. Supermarkets such as Biedronka, Lidl etc. are also open for a long time, until 11 p.m. As for Sundays, on non-trading Sundays it is as you wrote, it is very difficult to buy something. Fortunately, I have 2 grocery stores near me that are open on Sundays, so at least I can do this shopping then. It is a pity that Sundays have changed so much, I hope that the next government, when it is elected, will introduce the customs that they used to be, where you could shop on Sundays and the shops were open.
Yes, I liked the Aperol Spritz. It was very tasty 😊 Although it's not my favorite drink.