My Plans for Upcoming Eid-Ul-Adha Celebration

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Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Eid-Ul-Adha, the say of sacrifice. Instead of talking about religious significance, I am going to write about how I am going to celebrate it. It's been 4 years since I have been living in Ukraine and haven't got a single chance to celebrate religious festivals with my family. Sometimes I feel disappointed and sad but I accepted that this is my life now and probably one day I will be able to celebrate my festivals with my family. The funny fact is I was not so sure when the celebration will happen, I mean the exact date. Today I have got confirmation that tomorrow is our EID.

I haven't plan anything for this eid even here there is no scope to celebrate it. After all, I live in a Catholic country and as a Muslim, it's hard for me to celebrate alone. I will cook something today or tomorrow. Mostly I cook traditional Eid food for myself, I have learned the recipes from youtube. So probably I will cook beef curry, rice, and egg curry as a complete eid meal.

This is my initial plan if I don't go too far away from the city. I have to check my scopes and later will decide what I will do. I also need to do grocery shopping and have to buy few things for eid.



I also want to spend my time in summer cottages, so Korovobi Khutora is my second option. It's really far away from my home and have to do a reservation so I have to do it tonight if I really wanna go there. I think it would be a great idea if I spend my eid day at summer houses (Dacha). I have never celebrated my EID like this before so it is gonna be a great idea.

Besides, I also want to take pictures for eid so I think it would be a perfect day.

20210621_165030 (1).jpg



The last time when I was there, I took these pictures. The complex name is COBA, beautiful traditional Ukrainian cottages near the river. From here I can also go to the National Nature forest and for boating. I really hope that I can book a room for tomorrow.


I really don't wanna spend my eid day in the city, it's too hot here besides I want to change my lifestyle for 2 days and want to enjoy this eid.

This is a beautiful summer cottage complex with all modern facilities. So, I am looking forward to celebrating a great EID tomorrow...



Until next time... Have a nice day everyone...

Thanks for reading my blog...




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Happy Eid darling.

Happy Eid Man... :)

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Happy Eid, @priyanarc!

Happy Eid :)

That's a pretty place you've chosen, @priyanarc!

Ya, I want to relax and want to stay away from Metropolitan life... It's gonna be my holiday actually...

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Happy Eid ❤️
Such a beautiful place you picked for a time away from all stress and city life. It looks really peaceful and the enviroment is gorgeous 😍
My kind of place to.

I understand it must be Hard when you can't celebrate it with your family, but you deserve to celebrate and all beauty that comes with it.

You are Amazing sweet @priyanarc and your pictures always inspires me.

Much love 🤗❤️😍💋